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Alone time

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Having family here the last couple weekends has been fun but I love my alone time too! With the sewing room all set back up yesterday, I was able to get up and start sewing this morning. One reason I didn’t start a new quilt last week was I didn’t want to have to clean up the mess between visitors! Within just a few minutes there was fabric everywhere!

I hadn’t looked in this bin for so long that I’d forgotten there were as many, if not more, chunks of fabric as there were strips and strings! They were set aside while I started a set of HeartStrings blocks but I’m going to start cutting for a 1000 Pyramid quilt. It’s been on my list for a long time and I think I will go ahead and choose a second die and cut two quilts while I’m at it. 

A vintage 1000 Pyramid found online – isn’t it gorgeous !

Do you hand piece?!

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Foundations are cut, string bin has been pulled out, squares cut for block corners …

On this week’s agenda: HeartStrings blocks, pin basting the Churn dash quilt, and yes … I might have lost my mind. 

I found these two sets of Honeycomb precut blocks and decided to throw them up on the design wall. After researching sewing them by machine I’ve decided to hand piece them …. do you hand piece? I hand pieced my first quilt because I didn’t own a sewing machine and hadn’t ever used one. I’ve got a UFO from  2008 or so that I started to hand piece… but rather than pull that one out, I decided I’d hand piece this top.  The easy part will be to sew the rows together and my goal is one row per day and then I can label the rows and take them off the design wall. My follow up goal will be NOT to set it aside until the top is assembled!!!

Just in case you wondered…

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The elephant went home with Rae this weekend. She made some new friends! If you want to make some crochet animals yourself, the book is called Edward’s Menagerie.  

Chris and Rae left early this morning but we spent the day with Adam and his family … starting at the Tampa Aquarium where I took the boys frequently when we lived in the Tampa area 20 years ago. 

Adam leaves early tomorrow and I’ll head back to the sewing room but I might not accomplish much because I have a mountain of laundry to do and I’ve got to set everything back up including both of my machines. 

If I was grading myself …

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I’ll give myself a B for this effort. It’s the 3rd animal I’ve made from this book and while it’s not hard – you have to jump back and forth in the book so it can be a little confusing. Especially when I forget that she’s using British crochet terms so a DC (double crochet) really means a SC (single crochet) in US terminology. Of course, she states that in the general notes in the book but I went straight to the pattern since I’ve made two other animals. Luckily it’s easy to see pretty quickly that I wasn’t doing it right and crochet is very easy to pull out and do over. 

All the body parts were finished last night.

The eyes are still a little weird but I’ve taken them out once so I think I’m going to leave them. The black doesn’t show up against the dark gray so I’ve tried to add a little white to make them stand out. 

Here’s a side view that shows the trunk a little better. 

It’s time to stop playing with yarn and get my rooms ready for the kids … their agendas have changed several times and I thought I had until tomorrow night to get ready but Adam just called and they’re getting here after lunch tomorrow and Chris will arrive shortly after that around dinner time. Adam is also able to stay until Monday and Chris who was going to stay until Monday has to go back on Sunday. None of it’s a problem – I’m just happy they’re both coming for the parade weekend with the kids. I know it’s a long drive for just a couple days but Keith is a big kid and he was home alone last year and went to the Gasparilla children’s parade by himself – he asked both boys to come so he could go with the little ones this year!

Body parts

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With company coming this weekend I decided not to start another quilt in the sewing room so I’m focusing on the knitting/crochet items on my list as well as getting ready for more company. 

First up – Bridget the elephant from the book Edwards Menagerie by Kerry Lord. 

Hopefully my parts will go from this …

To looking like the elephant in the book …

Bree’s photos

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This was all quicker than I expected thanks to Google Photos. I quickly sorted all of my photos of us with each grandchild into folders and they’ve been uploaded to Shutterfly and prints ordered. The process is made easier by the fact that Caleb at 6 is the oldest and all my photos of them are digital. Dealing with our older family photos will be much more labor intensive but the creation of an album for each of the kids that I’ll update as we spend time with them was one of my main photo goals for 2017 and I’m happy to say all that’s left is to add them to the albums and make a few notes. 

Here are a few of my favorites with Bree. 


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It seemed like I wasn’t making any progress on my goals between getting ready for company and entertaining but I have made a little progress all the way around. I’ve knit some on my Shine scarf and it’s slowly growing. All the Dutch Windmill blocks are made and I’m ready to assemble the top. 

The Simply Woven top has been quilted and bound. It’s my first UFO finish for 2017 and it’s  a free pattern from Moda Bakeshop found at this link. I had two blocks in the center I should have turned another way but I wasn’t about to take them out. It’s pretty obvious here in the photo but not really noticeable when you’re using the quilt. It’s just one of those things that as you turn some blocks in the quilt you create other areas that aren’t quite right and at some point you think you’ve got it all arranged OK until it’s all together!

Great progress has been made on our running/walking challenge and Chris and I have hit a combined 100 miles on our 2017 miles in 2017. He’s running and I’m walking my miles. 

It’s Pirate season here in Tampa and the kids are coming this weekend for the Gasparilla Children’s Parade. Our flag is out.

I also decided to make a Pirate ship. This might go back with Rae for her tree in her playroom. 

Not sure what the appeal is but it’s kind of meditative so last night after finishing my blocks I decided to make a quilt block. Technically I guess it’s not a block since I didn’t fill in the corners. 

In spite of having a ton of scarves that need to be donated, I have a little bit of a problem making things that don’t seem to have a purpose. A few might make it to the Big Canoe tree or this one might end up as a coaster in my sewing room.