Mary’s Triangles

To answer some questions about the UFO I pin basted yesterday … the block used is called Mary’s Triangles or shaded 4 patch and while it can be pieced with triangles, there is also a method of piecing it that makes two blocks at one time and does not use triangles. 

I originally learned the method in the book called Triangle Tricks which also gives you a table for making blocks of all sizes. The tutorials I found online and posted back in 2008  are no longer there so I did a quick search and found these two but I’d suggest you save or print them out in case they disappear also. It’s the same block, just two different tutorials. 

Shaded 4 patch

Mary’s Triangles 

This was my planned quilt …

I put the pieces away and never got back to it after finishing the top left and the bottom right sections. At Big Canoe last summer, I pulled them out and put borders on the larger section which made a nice size lap quilt – it’s now ready for quilting and I thought it might be nice as a wheelchair quilt for a veteran. The smaller section will be a doll quilt when finished. 

7 thoughts on “Mary’s Triangles

  1. Linda H

    I sew for a QOV group and this is a wonderful pattern!! We’re trying to make a quilt for all the WWII vets who are taking the flight to Washington DC to see the memorials there … we want to have a quilt for each of them to remember the trip by. Unfortunately each year there seems to be fewer and fewer of them to go … so we’re now working with the Korean, Vietnam and other war veterans.

  2. Bridget

    This technique was published by Debbie Caffrey a long time ago. Scraps to You Too was the book…..

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