Home alone

One of the disadvantages of having a husband who travels is that I spend a lot of holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries alone but we try to make up for it when we’re together. Missing my Valentine tonight!

5 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. Ellen

    I love how much you 2 enjoy each other’s company still. Great to see a quality relationship going going in this century. We’re happy to be approaching 37 years ourselves. And I am traveling for work this week so we too are apart!

    Bless you both!

  2. Penny G

    You guys have certainly perfected the spending what time you have together thing. He will be home to share more celebrations and it appears the thing you celebrate very best is each other and your family.

  3. Sherrill

    Mine traveled just a little and was never gone for more than a couple of nights so I kinda enjoyed my free time. But now that he’s gone forever, the house can be very, very quiet.

  4. Sara F

    Same here – spent a lot of birthdays, etc home alone while he traveled for work. But this year when he goes to a big conference that he attends every year right around (or over) our anniversary – I get to go along for a change. And it’s in Minneapolis, so I can visit some family while there. Now just hoping for no March snow storms that week.

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