More green!

I stuck to olive greens in the Hourglass quilt but tossed everything into my Forest Bricks and they all worked together!

The Boxed Squares also stayed with olive greens. 

I used the same group of scraps for the 16 patch and pinwheels…

….and the Double 4 Patch. I typically like to cut more than one quilt when I have a group of fabrics pulled. 

This rail fence was made from the leftovers from the Boxed Squares. 

10 thoughts on “More green!

  1. Sara F

    These quilts make me want to go pull out all of the greens that I have. The Boxed Square is especially pretty with that little surprise touches of red.

  2. Clara

    So pretty! Like your commenter above, I am also now perusing my green stash. 🙂

    I especially love Double 4 Patch quilts.

    On the Forest Bricks quilt, is the brown background a solid or is it a tone-on-tone?

  3. Shirley

    I was just going through my stash of green fabrics this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration. I love all your quilts!

  4. KatieQ

    Great bunch of quilts. I’m always amazed at the way you take scraps and use your tried and true patterns and manage to make them look fresh and different.

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