It took me a while but the 1000 Pyramid top is done. I will probably end up trimming those sides even but I haven’t decided for sure so I’ll leave it for now.  I like the irregular edges on the tumblers but I think I’m going to like this one better with straight edges. 

16 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Ellie

    Nice job! Lovely! I agree about straightening the edges.mbinding all those angles would be a real pain!

  2. KatieQ

    I absolutely love this quilt. I moved my head as I was looking at my computer screen and the grouping of triangles give a hexagon impression in some areas and stars in others. I should stop reading your blog. Every time you complete a quilt, I want to make one just like it.

  3. Angie

    It is Wonderful! and very well done! Lots of concentration here playing with lights & darks. Looking forward to seeing with a sashing border. Simply beautiful!

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