My brother Kevin arrived yesterday for a visit – I’m so glad he was able to come down and we’re enjoying our time together and the nice weather. 

I’m also so sorry I can’t be with my boys today – their father died in Virginia during the night. They knew it was coming and had gotten up to see him one last time about a week ago. It’s never easy when there’s a divorce and the boys were really young at the time – Chris was 3 and Adam was a year and a half – but they were able to sustain a relationship with him through the years and I’m so sad for their loss. 

The boys are spending the day together with their families and will go up to Virginia for the funeral this week. I’m glad they have each other. 

6 thoughts on “Family

  1. Sara F

    So sorry for your sons’ loss. It says a lot about your family that they were able to maintain a relationship with their dad. That is special.

  2. Jackie

    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. It’s difficult to see your children going through hard times, even grown children. It’s a testament to you that they maintained a good relationship with their father. It’s good that they have each other to share the loss.

  3. Penny G

    I am glad the boys have each other and the ever present lifeline of smart phones to get in touch with you when they need. Hope you have great weather to show Kevin you new/old area.

  4. Ellie

    Sorry for your sons’ loss but it is wonderful that they have been able to maintain a relationship with him. Losing a parent is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. It is good they have their families and each other

  5. Linda H

    So sorry for the loss … even though divorced you were together at one point in your lives and had two beautiful children together … now wonderful men. It says a lot about you and your former spouse that the boys felt comfortable enough to have a healthy relationship with you both. God bless you all and prayers being offered to bring peace at this time.

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