I must be insane

We started talking about dogs last night and I went to pull up a local breeder of Bichons to show Kevin and Keith and made the mistake of looking at their available puppies. We knew we didn’t want another dog that looked like Chesty and we weren’t supposed to get another dog at all but I couldn’t resist little Finn. 

He’s a Havachon – part Havanase part Bichon – and we should be able to bring him home in a week. 

50 thoughts on “I must be insane

  1. Molly A.

    Finn is so cute! So happy you are getting him. I really enjoy seeing all of your beautiful quilts. I have been a quilter for over 20 years. I hope we make lots of quilts this year.

  2. Marilyn

    We want one too but not until we are thru traveling. Our son has a sweet little American Staffordshire puppy, almost a year old now. Their lat one was wonderful and we cared for her many, many times during her life. We loved her and she loved us. Two weeks ago we went down to care for our grandkids (the oldest is 20 and we didn’t have to care for him other than for food) but were there for Kaitlin. We really bonded with Britt. It took about 4 visits for her to know who we are and that we loved her. What a wonderful weekend. She slept with us, played with us. So nice to have such a fun puppy fix!

  3. Edith

    That is wonderful news! Little Finn is too cute, looking forward to many adorable pictures in the future.

  4. Deb Praus

    I wondered how long it would be. Many reasons to say no and yet, a dog around is just the best company! BTW, we now have 2!

  5. Donna Simpson

    I’m so happy you took that big step of finding another furbaby. Will never replace dear Chesty, but will bring so much happiness into your lives! He is adorable!

  6. Carole S

    Congratulations!!! You’ll have so much fun with him! He’s so adorable. Can’t wait to read of your adventures together.

  7. Penny G

    How could you say no to Keith. That smile says it all. Your head is down, but I am guessing there is a matching smile on your face. Sharing love comes naturally to you two.

  8. Sue V.

    AWWWWWWWWWW! So cute! Congratulations! One of my mom’s friends has a terrier (mixed) named Finnegan. We are looking at getting another Ger. Shep. right now. Our “herd” consists of a nearly 2 y/o LHGSD (long haired Ger. Shep.) and a shelter dog who will be 14 this year. The “old dog” doesn’t like playing and the youngster…well, that’s all she wants to do. Love having animals, just like people, they all have different personalities. ENJOY that pup!

  9. Diana Purdy

    Finn is such a little cutie, and Dad is looking extremely happy. You will be making new memories, but Finn will remind you of Chesty memories that you may have forgotten. Jax is nothing like Bailey, but he will do somethins and it will remind of something Bailey did when he was a pup! Have fun with your new furbaby, and wait until your Grand babies meet him!

  10. Jane Modjeski

    Well his first name fir me will be “Huck”. The little huckster knew what he was doing. Absolutely adorable and they are quite sturdy. Every one I have met thinks they are a big dog. Lovely coloring. Your guy is quite the puppy holder. I think it’s his!!! Made my day !


  11. patti leal

    no wonder you couldn’t resist. that dog would melt anyone’s heart. not a replacement – just another 4 legged child. the fun begins again. after 2 years of no cats, i broke down and got one last sept 1. i had really missed my companions. enjoy every minute. patti in florida pleal@cfl.rr.com

  12. Linda H

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! The smile on Keith’s face couldn’t get any bigger. I truly believe that Chesty sent Finn to you. What an adorable little fella!! Can’t wait to see lots and lots of pictures and hear of your “Adventures With Finn” … he might need his own FB page or, better yet, blog!! Fun With Finn!!

  13. Denise in PA

    I know you said you wouldn’t….but I’m SO glad you did! I cannot wait to follow along on Finn’s (what an adorable name) adventures. I’m also glad because I know how much love that little fluffy being will know with you and Keith as his people. And, I’m sure Chesty is smiling on you all.

  14. Tanya watanabe

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What wonderful news!!! Your new puppy will be great fun for you both and bring years of happiness. And you will be such a wonderful new family for the little one!

  15. Debra Graham

    Congratulations on a wonderful addition to your family. I am sure that Chesty would be happy that you are now sharing your love with another pup.

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