Still Crazy!

Is it any wonder I’m not getting any sewing done? Company, a new puppy, and my walking – well today it was more of a walk/slow jog as Keith, Chris, and I did the Gasparilla Half Marathon – 13.1 miles. My only goal for the race is to keep my pace below 16 minutes/mile and I was successful finishing with a pace of 14.46 minutes/mile. Not impressive from a running standpoint but since my goal is to walk it and only run enough to keep my pace under 16 I’m happy. 

By the way, I’ve done other races but this is just my 2nd Half Marathon. They’re tough.

There will be a return to quilting content here on the blog. I have a little work to finish up here and then I’ll be quilting in GA by the end of the week. 

9 thoughts on “Still Crazy!

  1. Penny G

    I saw an acquaintance from Fort Myers who was doing this race today and couldn’t remember if you were. She said it was beautiful and had pictures of flags or banners by the water and it looked great. Hope you enjoyed the weather and company as much as she did. She and her almost brand new husband were both competing, but she said she would only see him at the end of the race. You Chris and Keith probably spent a little more time together.

  2. Charleen

    Congratulations! I would be proud to have that time. I used to be able to keep it at 15 mins but the during last few years I’m lucky to stay around 20.

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