In the sewing room

The kids left this morning for GA although Rae was not happy and wanted to stay with Gram and Pop. Luckily, we’ll see them again on Saturday – not bad for living in two different states!

Thanks for all the comments on Finn. We’re getting into a routine and he’s pretty smart. Since he has to go out so frequently, we’ve decided on patch of fake grass on the patio with a pen surrounding it. It’s easy to take him out and drop him in quickly – he jumps up on the grass and does his business. Easy clean up too. 

We spent time in the sewing room today – this little pen is perfect and we’ve been using it on the porch too. When we’re not playing or holding him, he goes into one of the pens – no unsupervised roaming!! He crys if you’re not in the room but as long as he can see me, he settles down quickly for a nap. 

The border on the RWB top is quilted, the binding is on, and after playtime and a potty break, we’re upstairs again – he’s napping and I’m hand stitching the binding down. Looks like I will get this UFO finished before the end of the month after all. 

6 thoughts on “In the sewing room

  1. Nancy

    Finn will be a good sewing partner and supervisor. Love the patch of artificial grass idea and the playpen. Soon he’ll have a routine figured out.

  2. Sandra J Dennison

    I want a dog, but I’ve never trained one before. Thanks for showing the way. Love the portable pen idea and the artificial grass too. I would not be adverse to more puppy pics, either 🙂

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