I was distracted!

I layered and did the quilting on this RWB quilt except for the border 2 weeks ago. At first I was debating how to quilt the border – decided that rather than a meandering design in the border, I wanted some type of straight line quilting like I’d done in the quilt center. Thought about piano keys or a chevron and either would have worked but in the end I just did a couple spaced lines around the entire border. I finished the binding last night and my oldest UFO (from 2008) is now finished!

9 thoughts on “I was distracted!

  1. Penny G

    Love the border, I am surprised you picked it because it is such a strong print. The homage to flags makes me happy and hopeful.y the recipient will feel the same.

  2. Linda

    Gorgeous. You are such an inspiration. This is a good pattern for me for the quilts I make for Victoria Quilts.

  3. Shirley

    Your choice of quilting compliments the quilt design very nicely. I understand distraction as I have two quilts with the blocks all completed. Just need the time and determination to finish them.

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