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To nice NOT to be outside

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It’s a gorgeous sunny day in Tampa – 67 degrees and breezy by the bay. It’s too nice to be inside so I took a long walk.

Trying to get at least 30 minutes a day in the sewing room but finding it a challenge which is unusual for me and I’ve got company coming Saturday so next week will be busy. Hoping I can finish the Pyramid top and the RWB quilt before the end of the month. 

More green!

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I stuck to olive greens in the Hourglass quilt but tossed everything into my Forest Bricks and they all worked together!

The Boxed Squares also stayed with olive greens. 

I used the same group of scraps for the 16 patch and pinwheels…

….and the Double 4 Patch. I typically like to cut more than one quilt when I have a group of fabrics pulled. 

This rail fence was made from the leftovers from the Boxed Squares. 


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I love an hourglass quilt …

This was my most recent one finished – I LOVE green quilts! Isn’t it gorgeous?! 

This little one is still waiting for quilting …

And here’s one I found tonight on eBay … I think it’s going on the “to make” list!

I’ve also got a Sister’s Choice on my to do list … this one is kind of wild but I love it!

Short weekend

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Wow, not sure where the weekend went. I did get the rest of my 1000 Pyramid rows sewn and all the fabric put away. I’ll be sewing the rows together this week and made a start today. 

I also started quilting the RWB top. I’m just quilting diagonal lines – I can use the seams for the first group of lines but then I need to mark some. I wish my walking foot had a quilting guide but it doesn’t. Sometimes I use blue painters tape but my white chalk liner shows up well so that’s what I’m using on this one. I’ll do some kind of meander in the border. 

I’m working at a very slow pace these days. Too many distractions I guess but I’m plugging along. 


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A transportation glitch this morning almost caused us to miss our flight but we made it and are home. I enjoyed our time in Costa Rica but I’m glad to be home and back to spending time in the sewing room tomorrow. 

We enjoyed the views from the resort, including this morning even though we should have already been on our way to the airport before daybreak!

Not a typical hotelĀ 

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I usually prefer a hotel where all the rooms are grouped together but this resort has a bunch of different cabins – ours is nice …

And we even have a little view of the water.

Normally I take a lot of photos when we travel but today we were on a wonderful sunset cruise that started in the early afternoon and lasted until sunset and I didn’t take any photos, very unusual for me but a lovely afternoon. 

Not a single stitch

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I knit for a while today but didn’t sew a single stitch! I’d hoped to get the rest of the rows sewn for the Pyramid quilt especially since I decided not to start quilting the RWB until all the rows were pieced but I ended up running around getting ready for my trip to Costa Rica. It’s just for a few days and we’ll have company dinners and some other obligations but we’ll also have some beach time. The piecing and quilting will have to wait until we get home. 

It’s been 3 years since my trip to Costa Rica with Habitat for Humanity – that was a very physically challenging trip for me and I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to go. This time we will be at a resort and won’t have an opportunity to see any of the country as we’re not extending our stay past the company event so I’m glad I got to experience it last time. 

Costa Rica Feb 2014