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Lazy day

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We’re having a lazy morning around here. Finn was very excited to see me last night but I think he forgot I was home. Keith took him downstairs this morning so I could sleep in and he went a little wild when I went downstairs for my morning coffee. After some playing and brushing and eye cleaning, he’s settled down for a nap while I do some blog reading. 

I don’t plan to spend time in the sewing room today but my HeartStrings group is having a sew-in tomorrow in Roberts, WI and I’m going to sew along with them from home. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to work on but most likely I’ll start an easy child size quilt to get me back in the groove. 

Taking the long way home

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I left Mom’s early enough for a leisurely drive to the airport, including time to stop and enjoy the view along the way. I can’t seem to capture the beauty of this area – the Shenandoah Valley – with my phone but everywhere I turn there’s another beautiful view of the mountains. 

I stopped for gas, returned the rental car and was prepared to get something to eat, read, and then sit back and knit while I waited for my flight. Instead, I find myself in a cab heading for Dulles airport. My flight was oversold and they offered me first class, a voucher for future travel, and if all goes well, I’ll even get home an hour and a half earlier. 

In the sewing room

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Maureen is working on her Churn Dash blocks and I’m helping Mom get borders on one of her large bed quilts. There’s not much room so I’m going to take the second one home to do. 

We also pulled fabric for three projects she’s going to work on and everything is all together and ready for her to start – project #1 is a wallhanging for my sister. 


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I’m still traveling … not sure why I haven’t taken more photos to share as we go from state to state but Mom and I arrived Back in VA today – we even took a nap – it’s been a busy trip and now we have a couple working days before I head home. 


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I’m so impressed with those of you who knew that the photo from yesterday was Weaver’s Dry Goods. Everyone came out with a little something but no one went crazy. 

We had a leisurely morning, wandered around Kitchen Kettle Village doing some shopping, and then drove to my Aunt’s where we’ll spend a couple days. That’s Mom in red – everyone thought it was pretty cold this morning except the Floridian!


I spied a photo of my Dad with one of his brothers and his sisters that I don’t remember seeing before. Dad is the one on the bottom right. 

Keith’s been at home with Finn and sends me daily reports with photos – since I missed National Puppy Day yesterday, I’ll share this photo of Finn today.