It’s quiet now

We had a great day with all the kids and my niece Samantha and her boyfriend Nick. 

Keith’s birthday is the 6th but since he will be traveling then we celebrated today. 


Finn was SOOOOO good! With all the little ones running around we kept him in the pen unless one of us was holding him but he didn’t cry or whine at all. The kids were able to go up to him and pet him but not get him riled up. 

Everyone has gone –  even Keith since Chris is going to take him to the airport for me tomorrow. It’s just me and Finn. And it’s back longarm for me tomorrow — I’ve got a lot to accomplish this week!

5 thoughts on “It’s quiet now

  1. Sara F

    Looks like the cousins LOVE playing together! What a fun day for you all. I got to see 3 of my grandkids today, so life is good.

  2. Girl in the Stix

    Sounds like the perfect balance of family and alone time. Looks like a great place to take walks with Finn.

  3. Nancy

    Finn looks pretty mellow – I think he’s going to be a good fit for your family. Glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend for Keith.

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