My Aunt’s queen size log cabin quilt is loaded and the quilting is well on its way. This will be a two day job along with the pillow shams. 

Finn’s enjoying some cuddle time before we go back downstairs to work. Note the rope … he’s a little chewing machine – if I don’t provide something for him to chew, I become his chew toy. 

It’s rainy today and I don’t think I’m going to get out for a walk but I’m just hoping there’s no downpour when Finn needs a potty break. He’s not sure what to think of the wet weather at this point. 

3 thoughts on “#5 

  1. Sara F

    Finn is just adorable! It’s those puppy teeth – they all seem to chew and chew and chew. My daughter’s puppy has a thing for chewing socks. Clean or dirty, she doesn’t care. She’ll even dig the paired socks out of a drawer or basket and pull them apart to chew one at a time.

  2. Girl in the Stix

    What a pretty quilt! Hmmm, I’ve got some pinks just crying to be in a quilt! Finn, what a cute puppy–for teething/chewing, I saw a dog bone somewhere that could be frozen, which helped ease the teething pain, similar to a baby’s teething ring.

    Wishing you better weather–we had a storm blow through here last night that dumped about 8-12 inches. Blergh!

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