So much for taking two days

I’m tired but I’m done with my Aunt’s queen size quilt and both shams. I couldn’t get out for a walk because of the rain so I kept working. That gives me plenty of time for a long walk tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be sunny. 

I used the pantograph Happy Times. 

I’m counting this as 5 and 6 … quilt and shams. Goal was to do 8 but I think I can probably get 9 done while I’m here. I have to piece a couple backs so we’ll see. 

The rain has thrown Finn off his potty training … he does NOT like getting wet!!  Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I’m glad I’ve got a couple throw rugs to use in the pen … I clean up accidents with an enzyme cleaner but I’m also washing the rugs any day he has an accident. 

4 thoughts on “So much for taking two days

  1. Penny G

    Poor Finn – he is probably embarrassed, but not enough to get wet. The rain was both a blessing and a curse in that you finished the quilting and fairly early, but poor Finn. You have done so much!

  2. Susan

    My collies would race to the door to go out and come to a screeching halt as soon as they saw rain. They simply would not go out in it.

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