Quick and easy!

#7 is done – my red centered HeartStrings top pieced earlier this year. I probably should have pulled another UFO but I decided I needed something quick and easy today and there’s nothing easier than some freehand dwirling on a HeartStrings top!

The back is one of Tish’s. In the past I’d always used her donated backs on tops from other HeartStrings members but I’m not quilting many donated tops these days and while I’ve shared her backs with other members, I still have some here that I use on my HeartStrings and other donation quilts. It makes it easy to just pull a coordinating back and get right to work and I appreciate that since I have limited time here with the longarm. 

How about another photo of Finn? He’s patiently waiting for me to throw his toy. 

15 thoughts on “Quick and easy!

  1. Nancy

    Scrolling through the comment to this post I see that others focused the same part of this post I did: Finn. He is so adorably cute and looks like a little stuffed toy in the photo above. What breed is he?

  2. Diane Loehr

    I’m so glad you found the little guy. He is cute as a button. Hope he is settling in well.

  3. Ellie

    Lovely quilt finish!
    Thanks for the picture of adorable Finn! What sort of breed is he? I know you told us but I can’t recall.

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Such a cute puppy! Glad you have him in your life. I am packing my house of 30 years Mary, and moving to DFW, 20 minutes from my darling grandson, and close to both my sons and families. We all need someone to come home to. Your quilting is looking great too!

  5. Dar in MO

    I honestly don’t know how you get ANYTHING done with such a cute little guy there. I would want to be playing with him all the time.! I guess I would only get to work when he was asleep! Nice quilting on your HeartsStrings quilt. You get a lot of practice and it looks even like a panto.

  6. Tanya watanabe

    It’s so much fun to see Finn and watch him grow! Though I have had two dogs in the 40 years I’ve been in Japan, they’ve not been puppies. I hardly remember what it is like to take care of a puppy! Lots of paper towels?

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