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I’ve posted the link for Purify before and I’ve been using it for quite a while on the iPad and tonight I downloaded it on the iPhone. I don’t browse blogs that often on the phone but the ads are even worse on the phone due to the limited screen space. 

If those ad heavy blogs irritate you as much as they irritate me, check out the app by clicking on the link above. 

One thought on “Ad blocker

  1. Sara F

    I do use Purify on my iPad and it sure helps. I have a favorite blog that I read every day and the blogger posts about 3 times per day, which I enjoy. But her blog is hosted on BlogHer and it’s totally full of ads – on the top, on the sides, pop-ups! And they make her blog load very slowly, especially on my laptop. Even having pop-up blockers running on my laptop doesn’t seem to help. Right up there on my list of pet peeves with unsolicited robo calls on my phone! 🙂

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