Another quilt bound

This one was finished yesterday – it’s a scrappy Bargello from the Quiltville site but I didn’t  use her instructions. I like piecing in blocks not panels. 

Another photo taken in the back. Usually I photograph my finished quilts in the front of the house but Finn has me up and working earlier than usual and the light is not right in the mornings so I’m experimenting with alternate locations in the back. Our townhouse community is built around a courtyard and inside the fenced area from the photo yesterday and today is our patio. We don’t use it much because we have the front porch but I’ve got a pen and potty area set up for Finn right now. Once he’s a little older and able to walk on the leash we’ll take him out front or to the park to potty but for now he goes out every one and a half to two hours and thinks the leash is for chewing so it easier this way. 

I snapped this photo in the sewing room yesterday as I was trimming and getting it ready for binding. You can really see the texture from the pantograph – Fern Gully. It’s an ongoing frustration that I don’t have the right light at Big Canoe to show the quilting on these. Side lighting from a window gives the best result. 

The 3rd quilt is ready for me to hand sew the binding down. Progress is being made!

6 thoughts on “Another quilt bound

  1. Penny G

    Such an amazing collection of colors to make a beautiful quilt. I wish I had your color sense. I try training myself, but training doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. Nancy

    I’m imagining your neighbors admiring your beautiful quilts while they’re out and about. The fence makes a nice backdrop.

    I prefer to sew in blocks rather than panels, too. It makes the parts more manageable.

  3. Kathleen McCormick

    I expect you know about Lupine leashes. They have a wonderful guarantee and will replace them when chewed through. They are usually found in smaller pet stores. The quilting does show up pretty well in that light!

  4. KatieQ

    The quilting is wonderful. I love the way it swirls. I am really enjoying reading about Finn.

  5. nikki

    Lovely quilt and I am also enjoying the pictures of your fence. Great job. You made me laugh out loud this morning, loved your comment about Finn liking the leash for chewing. Puppies do the sweetest things! Enjoy puppyhood, just like kids, they grow up fast. We are in Florida with our two, visiting family. Winston doesn’t know why he can’t go swimming in the lake. He doesn’t realize he would be like a potato chip to the gators out there.

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