The pink 16 patch was finished last night – in addition to being the 3rd quilt bound during my binding marathon this week, it’s also my 5th UFO finish for the year!

Now I know we don’t need a pattern for a 16 patch but isn’t it nice when someone else does all the work for us? This is the 3rd quilt I’ve made using these dimensions – the individual squares are 3.5 inches finished (strips are cut 4 inches)  but what I love about this block is that they’re made from fat quarters and included in the instructions was a quick reference to show how many fat quarters to use to make quilts of a certain size. You KNOW I have lots of fat quarters … I can’t seem to resist them. 

See how helpful that is? The first time I made one I linked to the tutorial but since then the blog has been deleted so I spent some time searching the Internet archives today to find a link to share with you. It took a while to load on my iPad so be patient. I have no idea if the archived copy will also disappear at some point so I suggest you print it out if you want to keep a copy. 

 St Louis 16 Patch tutorial from the Sew with Sass blog 

7 thoughts on “Bound

  1. Toni Macomb

    Love the quilt! And thanks for doing the math! For free! I don’t buy many patterns as I don’t mind doing the math but…..I LOVE when someone else does it. Saves valuable time. Thank you!

  2. Sara F

    I can see now that this one is pink and not red as I originally thought. Very pretty! I have a weakness for fat quarters too, but I’ve done a lot of digging into those fat quarters in the past year and would now have a hard time finding too many that could go together into a single project. All of these different shades of pink work together so well.

  3. Stephanie

    Oh I love the pink.
    I am working on one of these at the moment for my almost 16yrs grandson, who tells me that he really only likes black. I am using solid black and black/grey prints.
    Set 5 x 7 blocks for a 70 x 98 quilt.
    I thought it might be too dark, but so far is looking pretty good.

  4. valerie

    Enjoying your photo shoot out back.
    Thanks to little Finn’s necessity it’s a handy place and the colors seem to pop there on the fence.

  5. KatieQ

    Thanks for doing the research. It’s always nice to have the math done by someone else. The older I get, the lazier I am about figuring things out. The most math I attempt these days is to add the numbers from the security question on your blog or my checkbook.
    The pinks in the quilt look great together. I like the textured look16 of the quilting.

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