12 weeks

Finn’s 12 weeks old today! He saw the Vet this morning and is doing great – gaining weight – he’s 5 lbs now. He also got some vaccination boosters which he wasn’t thrilled with but after a belly rub from the Vet he forgave him. 

Chesty never had a problem with the eye staining but right now it’s a fight to get close to Finn’s eyes to clean them. I’m hoping he will get used to me gently washing them daily and that we won’t have an ongoing problem with it. 

5 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. Deb Praus

    Finn is so cute! Our dogs get “eye boogers” as my husband calls them. About every other day as they are getting their belly rubs laying on my husbands lap, I will get a warm washcloth ready and when they are good and relaxed he will wipe their eyes off. They have gotten used to it now but took a while. There is also a stain remover for the discoloration that we use if that bothers you. You can get it at the pet store.

  2. Ginger

    Oh, heavens! Do not let my significant other see this precious picture! He’ll want to go out and see about finding us a puppy right away. We are waiting until I move down full-time July 2018, to get a pet.

  3. Girl in the Stix

    Such a sweet heart! Get him used to the eye cleaning now, so it won’t be a battle royal later. We took my late mother-in-law’s dog home after she passed, and that tiny ancient poodle put up the fiercest fight when we tried to clean the area around her eyes! And, she being a very old dog, had a lot of eye goop (not an infection–we checked).

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