I’m so impressed with those of you who knew that the photo from yesterday was Weaver’s Dry Goods. Everyone came out with a little something but no one went crazy. 

We had a leisurely morning, wandered around Kitchen Kettle Village doing some shopping, and then drove to my Aunt’s where we’ll spend a couple days. That’s Mom in red – everyone thought it was pretty cold this morning except the Floridian!


I spied a photo of my Dad with one of his brothers and his sisters that I don’t remember seeing before. Dad is the one on the bottom right. 

Keith’s been at home with Finn and sends me daily reports with photos – since I missed National Puppy Day yesterday, I’ll share this photo of Finn today. 

5 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Sara F

    It’s always a pleasant surprise to see an old photo that you’ve never seen before. Enjoy your time spent with these gals in your family.

  2. Kathleen McCormick

    I was thinking the store was Weaver’s but hadn’t been there in years. I grew up in Reading PA, not too far from there. Our visits there are shorter and shorter, but this is giving me good reason to think about a longer one. Finn looks great, so sweet.

  3. Kathie L

    You should be having a nicer weather day today. Temperatures are on a real rollercoaster here in PA this month. Have fun.

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