Taking the long way home

I left Mom’s early enough for a leisurely drive to the airport, including time to stop and enjoy the view along the way. I can’t seem to capture the beauty of this area – the Shenandoah Valley – with my phone but everywhere I turn there’s another beautiful view of the mountains. 

I stopped for gas, returned the rental car and was prepared to get something to eat, read, and then sit back and knit while I waited for my flight. Instead, I find myself in a cab heading for Dulles airport. My flight was oversold and they offered me first class, a voucher for future travel, and if all goes well, I’ll even get home an hour and a half earlier. 

3 thoughts on “Taking the long way home

  1. Marilyn Smith

    Hope they covered your cab fare and that you did or do get home earlier than planned. Tampa has a very nice airport.

  2. Jean Shock

    Love the overlook picture – Afton Mountain, by chance? I travel to & from tidewater via I64 a few times a year and the view from there is splendid!

    Hope you got home early!

    –Jean Marie

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