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The pink 16 patch was finished last night – in addition to being the 3rd quilt bound during my binding marathon this week, it’s also my 5th UFO finish for the year!

Now I know we don’t need a pattern for a 16 patch but isn’t it nice when someone else does all the work for us? This is the 3rd quilt I’ve made using these dimensions – the individual squares are 3.5 inches finished (strips are cut 4 inches)  but what I love about this block is that they’re made from fat quarters and included in the instructions was a quick reference to show how many fat quarters to use to make quilts of a certain size. You KNOW I have lots of fat quarters … I can’t seem to resist them. 

See how helpful that is? The first time I made one I linked to the tutorial but since then the blog has been deleted so I spent some time searching the Internet archives today to find a link to share with you. It took a while to load on my iPad so be patient. I have no idea if the archived copy will also disappear at some point so I suggest you print it out if you want to keep a copy. 

 St Louis 16 Patch tutorial from the Sew with Sass blog 

Another quilt bound

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This one was finished yesterday – it’s a scrappy Bargello from the Quiltville site but I didn’t  use her instructions. I like piecing in blocks not panels. 

Another photo taken in the back. Usually I photograph my finished quilts in the front of the house but Finn has me up and working earlier than usual and the light is not right in the mornings so I’m experimenting with alternate locations in the back. Our townhouse community is built around a courtyard and inside the fenced area from the photo yesterday and today is our patio. We don’t use it much because we have the front porch but I’ve got a pen and potty area set up for Finn right now. Once he’s a little older and able to walk on the leash we’ll take him out front or to the park to potty but for now he goes out every one and a half to two hours and thinks the leash is for chewing so it easier this way. 

I snapped this photo in the sewing room yesterday as I was trimming and getting it ready for binding. You can really see the texture from the pantograph – Fern Gully. It’s an ongoing frustration that I don’t have the right light at Big Canoe to show the quilting on these. Side lighting from a window gives the best result. 

The 3rd quilt is ready for me to hand sew the binding down. Progress is being made!

Ad blocker

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I’ve posted the link for Purify before and I’ve been using it for quite a while on the iPad and tonight I downloaded it on the iPhone. I don’t browse blogs that often on the phone but the ads are even worse on the phone due to the limited screen space. 

If those ad heavy blogs irritate you as much as they irritate me, check out the app by clicking on the link above. 

A change in plans

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I’m home! I was supposed to stay and quilt one more top, pack the car, take another hike, and meet Chris for dinner yesterday but the weather forecast for Saturday night into Sunday morning called for rain, snow, and a wintery mix so I made the decision to pack it in and head for FL rather than have to drive in that mess. It was a good plan because we had a beautiful sunny day for our drive and again, Finn did great – 10 hours in the car and no crying or barking. However, he was much less patient about being in the pen while I packed up in GA and then unpacked the car in FL. Lots of whining and some barking but since there was no one else to help, he had to deal with it. 

The plan for this week … my first priority?

Tax prep and getting it off to the accountant – ugh!!! It may not look like it from this photo but the tax stuff is fairly organized. I have to print some statements, answer some questions,  add up some deductions, and  make copies before stuffing it in the envelope and mailing it. I know I’ve mentioned it before but this really is my least favorite time of year!

Then as time allows – binding, walking, playing with Finn, and shipping the quilts to Mom and my Aunt. 


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My scrappy Bargello top – quilted with the pantograph Fern Gully. I love the texture this one gives a very scrappy quilt like this. 

I’ve organized the pile in the corner going home with me and there’s just one more to quilt tomorrow before I can pack up the car. I’ll hike a little later today and then Finn and I will have a quiet evening .


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This one is a UFO from 2014. My Coffee quilt was a grown up version of our HeartStrings Happy Blocks and it’s quilted with the Leap Frog pantograph. 

The pile going back with me is growing … 2 more working days and then Sunday I’ll clean and close everything up, pack the car, and hike before heading home on Monday. It’s been a productive trip. 

Quick and easy!

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#7 is done – my red centered HeartStrings top pieced earlier this year. I probably should have pulled another UFO but I decided I needed something quick and easy today and there’s nothing easier than some freehand dwirling on a HeartStrings top!

The back is one of Tish’s. In the past I’d always used her donated backs on tops from other HeartStrings members but I’m not quilting many donated tops these days and while I’ve shared her backs with other members, I still have some here that I use on my HeartStrings and other donation quilts. It makes it easy to just pull a coordinating back and get right to work and I appreciate that since I have limited time here with the longarm. 

How about another photo of Finn? He’s patiently waiting for me to throw his toy. 

So much for taking two days

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I’m tired but I’m done with my Aunt’s queen size quilt and both shams. I couldn’t get out for a walk because of the rain so I kept working. That gives me plenty of time for a long walk tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be sunny. 

I used the pantograph Happy Times. 

I’m counting this as 5 and 6 … quilt and shams. Goal was to do 8 but I think I can probably get 9 done while I’m here. I have to piece a couple backs so we’ll see. 

The rain has thrown Finn off his potty training … he does NOT like getting wet!!  Oh well, tomorrow is another day and I’m glad I’ve got a couple throw rugs to use in the pen … I clean up accidents with an enzyme cleaner but I’m also washing the rugs any day he has an accident. 


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My Aunt’s queen size log cabin quilt is loaded and the quilting is well on its way. This will be a two day job along with the pillow shams. 

Finn’s enjoying some cuddle time before we go back downstairs to work. Note the rope … he’s a little chewing machine – if I don’t provide something for him to chew, I become his chew toy. 

It’s rainy today and I don’t think I’m going to get out for a walk but I’m just hoping there’s no downpour when Finn needs a potty break. He’s not sure what to think of the wet weather at this point. 


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Spring comes early in Georgia but I guess not this early. It still looks like winter on the trails although there is some green around the waterfall. Love that I have such great options for walking/hiking whether I’m in GA or FL.  Today I got 4.45 miles in and while you don’t see any hills in the photos, I can definitely tell the difference between here and home. 


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My Pink 16 patch top is quilted. I tried another one of the new pantographs on it – Wave – and was planning on quilting my aunt’s queen size top with it but I don’t love it so I’ll probably use another one. I don’t hate it either, it’s just OK. At some point I’ll try it again on another top and see if I like it any better. This is 4 of 8 that I want to get quilted while I’m here at Big Canoe … so far so good. 

I’m going to grab some lunch, play with Finn a while and then get out for a hike. 

Mom’s quilt

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Mom’s Plus 2 top is quilted and my machine seems to be doing fine this morning. It was acting up a little late yesterday and I think putting a new switch in is what it needed. I also think that’s the last of the old switches – my machine is 11 years old now and in the last year or so I’ve had to change them one by one. 

Pantograph is Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. It’s one of my very favorites!

I haven’t quilted my Plus 2 top yet – somehow Mom’s always gets done before mine! This one is based on a vintage quilt I saw on eBay and instructions can be found on my website. 

It feels like Monday

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All day long I’ve felt like it was Monday … maybe because Keith isn’t here. 

I spent today in the sewing room – finishing the quilting on my HeartStrings quilt. The pantograph is Flirtatious- yes again! I try to group quilts that use the same thread and pattern when I can. It’s just a little quicker!

Mom’s Plus 2 top is loaded and started – I’ll finish it up tomorrow. 

Finn was a little fussy at first this morning – until he realized that he could sit watch me quilt. I know it’s a lot for him to get used to but he’s doing great. 

It’s quiet now

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We had a great day with all the kids and my niece Samantha and her boyfriend Nick. 

Keith’s birthday is the 6th but since he will be traveling then we celebrated today. 


Finn was SOOOOO good! With all the little ones running around we kept him in the pen unless one of us was holding him but he didn’t cry or whine at all. The kids were able to go up to him and pet him but not get him riled up. 

Everyone has gone –  even Keith since Chris is going to take him to the airport for me tomorrow. It’s just me and Finn. And it’s back longarm for me tomorrow — I’ve got a lot to accomplish this week!