Sewing along with HeartStrings

The WI/MN group is sewing together today in Roberts, WI and I’m working along with them from home. Kathy is focusing on RWB quilts for veterans on hospice but since I’ve got several of those to quilt this summer at Big Canoe, I decided to make one of our planned Sharon HeartStrings quilt. I’d bought fabric back to FL from GA last summer and after looking a bit in the FL stash, these are my 8 fabric choices. 

I haven’t decided whether to make a 24 block quilt and add a border that can be quilted here in FL or to make a 48 block quilt that I’ll take to GA for quilting on the longarm. My intention was one that could be quilted here but now that I’ve got more blocks on the design wall I’m leaning toward the larger size. I’ll get 24 blocks made and then decide. 

My first 4 blocks on the design wall. 

Just in case you want to make your own version here are the guidelines we follow for these. 

: please review these guidelines to see how we make our blocks first and then adapt them as noted below. 

Choose 8 fabrics – I yard each ( not all of each fabric will be used)

 All strips are cut 2 inches (fabrics 1-7)

For the corner triangles (fabric 8), use the same fabric on both sides of the block and they are cut from 4.5 inch squares (cut the squares first and then cut them on the diagonal).

This is a planned quilt with all the strips in the same place for each block.

NOTE: Nann made one last year and was a little more precise in her fabric measurements — we just estimated a yard of each knowing there would be some leftovers but I’m including Nann’s measurements here in case you have some fabrics you’d like to use but have less than a yard of them. 

*It turns out that you don’t need one-yard pieces of all eight fabrics. Label the center 1, the strips flanking it 2 and 3, then 4 and 5, then 6 and 7, and the corners 8. #1, #2, #3 — 16 strips (32″). #4 and #5 — 12 strips (24″). #6 & #7 — 11 strips (22″), #8 — 4 strips (8″). That is handy to know if I try another Sharon quilt. 

4 thoughts on “Sewing along with HeartStrings

  1. Florence

    Just back after visiting our daughter in FL and catching up on your blog. Happy you had a wonderful time with your Mom and sisters. Her sewing skills are amazing! Your new heartstrings is bright and beautiful! Love the color choices.

  2. ---"Love"

    Beautiful fabric choices! I want to say thanks for such great instructions for making these blocks. I love string quilts, and will make another one someday, so I’m saving your guidelines. Thanks again. —“Love”

  3. Malinda

    I really like this idea to use a stripe in the middle and then choose colors to match. I have a few stripey fabrics that I really like, but don’t have the coordinating fabrics. This method will be perfect for them! Thanks for sharing!

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