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For those interested, I looked up the pattern I’m using for Becky’s Quilt. It’s in a book I just got from Martingale called the Big Book of Strip quilts but since that’s a collection of quilt patterns by different designers I assumed it had been published before and found it on Google books at this link Tic Tac Tile Quilt. I’m not sure if the link will work or not but give it a try. 

Even though I’m not sold on the gray, I love the brown used in the pattern – brown is my favorite color after all – and it is a quick and easy quilt. I will be making this one again. 

You can go to the Martingale site and see the Big Book of Strip Quilts and view some of the other quilts in the book too. I actually like their collection of “big books” because they usually have more patterns that interest me than books by a single author. One reason I like the Martingale site for buying books is that I get an electronic version and a hard copy and that I can preview the books to make sure there are quilts that interest me before buying them. 

Last year I joined their book club and get a decent discount on my purchases there. I’m not sure but I think the commitment is just 4 books a year and they also have knitting books so it’s not difficult for me to meet the membership requirement. There is a fee to join but they give you back more in a gift certificate right away. You can check out the book club at this link – I don’t have any relationship with Martingale, it’s just a site that I personally use and purchase from. 

While I don’t often make quilts straight from a pattern, all my quilting is inspired by other quilters both published, on the web, and especially antique or vintage quilts that I often find listed on eBay. Where do you find your inspiration?

2 thoughts on “Quilt pattern

  1. Grace

    I like the one you are making for Becky better than the brown one. I think the gray gives a touch of elegance. That will be a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Carmel

    Thank you so much for all the info in this post about the pattern …yes, the link worked and also the Martingale book club. I’ve been in touch with them as I wasn’t sure if it worked with international customers and I received a wonderfully positive and informative reply. I was buying ebooks from time to time and just didn’t know there was a club. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Becky’s quilt. I used grays for the first time ever this year. Thank you again.

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