He’s a mess!!

Finn had his 16 week check up at the vet today and got the last of his boosters so I can FINALLY get him groomed! This is the last photo you’ll see of the hairball. The mobile groomer is coming Wednesday and I think he’s going to look completely different … not just because there will be a lot less hair but a lot of the black which has been growing out will be shaved off. Stay tuned!

He was 6 and a half pounds today when they weighed him so according to the vet we can expect him to be about 13 lbs when he’s fully grown. That’s a perfect size, just slight smaller (by one pound) than Chesty was and within the range needed to fly with him in the cabin of an airplane.  Chesty flew a number of times with me and choosing a dog that would be small enough to fly was important. 

2 thoughts on “He’s a mess!!

  1. Penny G

    Will he be lighter – even white when groomed? I looked at lots of morkie pictures and some are yorkie colored and some are white.

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