Much, much better

So hot after his morning walk … napping on the cool tile. 

Then after grooming this afternoon. You can see he’s a lot lighter in color now that the black tips are gone but he still has some darker patches. 

After another walk and some playtime, he’s napping again. I’m hoping now that the hair is out of his eyes we can clear up some of the tearing. Like Chesty, we’ll keep him short like this. It’s easier to care for him and all that hair is just too hot living in Florida. 

25 thoughts on “Much, much better

  1. tirane

    that wild puppy hair was pretty cute, but i also like his new big boy haircut. i’m sure you’re right about helping with the eye goop.

  2. Connie H.

    He is adorable with that hair cut. It like, when you take your little boy for the first time to get his grown up haircut. I have a dog that has the watery eyes. It’s a job to keep it clean so it doesn’t stain.

  3. Judy

    When we had a dog, he was always embarrassed after a haircut, but Finn looks so proud. He’s really cute!

  4. shirley swift-bruner

    oh my goodness….he looks so much better….i’m surprised. he looks like a stuffed toy. so cute. normally, i don’t like dogs after they have their hair cut off, but he is just adorable.

  5. Denise in PA

    What a handsome boy! We can finally see his face – and what a cute one it is…I always looks forward to seeing photos of Finn and hearing about what he’s up to!

  6. Mary Jo

    Finn is so cute! He looks a lot like my sweet little Morkie (part yorkie, part maltese) girl, Sam. Sam is 11 years old and is suffering with bladder cancer, so we won’t have her with us for much longer, but she is one little girl we will never forget. Enjoy every minute you can with Finn. He is really a cutie.

  7. valerie

    Absolutely screaming with delight and seeing some personality that was hidden beneath the fluff.
    How wonderful this is to have a little buddy to hang with.

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