Happy 28th to us!

I didn’t sew a stitch today …

I did do a 10 K with Keith (that’s 6.2 miles)

And then we went out to dinner to celebrate our 28th anniversary. We chose a restaurant that has a lot of memories for us. We first went to Armani’s 20+ years ago with his father when we lived in the Tampa area.

Tomorrow I hope to sew a little – I’ve got a section to unpick and resew … some how I flipped it around when I was assembling it. 

11 thoughts on “Happy 28th to us!

  1. Ellen

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Love is a wonderful thing 🙂 And you two always look happy in your photos!

  2. Penny G

    So happy that you and Keith got to spend some quality time together to celebrate the love and work you share to make for a happy marriage.

  3. Ellie

    Happy Anniversary! So happy you and Keith were able to spend time together on a special place!

  4. Elaine

    Happy Anniversary Mary & Keith. I really enjoy your blog, sharing your family life & quilting. You do inspire me!
    I have made a quilt that went to Germany to one of my former exchange students from your pattern/directions Indigo Blue – a Jacobs Ladder variation. One of the quilts I’ve made that I’m proud of…it was a wedding gift.
    Best wishes on your 28 years for many more…My husband & I were a bit “long in the tooth” as my Mother in law put it when we married at 41 & 43 but we sure know how precious love is and we enjoy every day. It’s almost 19 years for us!
    Congratulations and it’s great you are celebrating!

  5. Linda H

    Happy Anniversary (belated). Looks like you had a nice evening … wishes for many more years of happiness together 😉

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