There’s a reason I don’t make large quilts – I’m easily bored! Becky’s king size top is FINALLY assembled. If you didn’t see my post on the pattern I used, you can find the details at this link.


It will go to Big Canoe with me this summer for quilting … along with 2 queen size tops Mom made. Not really looking forward to quilting 3 big ones but at least Mom has to bind 2 of the 3 although I think I remember offering to machine stitch the binding on her two and just leave the hand stitching for her to do.  I must have been feeling sorry for her like when I offered to help her put the borders on them. Mom has always pieced a lot more large bed size quilts than I have (although I’ve quilted them all plus a number of large ones for my Aunt) but she’s old now ( her words!) and the weight of a large quilt is a lot for her to wrestle with. 

11 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Penny G

    Looks great. I love the simple pattern, but that doesn’t reduce the number of blocks, or the amount of work and patience required.

  2. Beth in AZ

    I am slogging thru a king size Carpenter’s star for my Dad. Spraining my ankle didn’t help being able to stand at the frame for any amt of time. Its been a month and I can do a square or two a day. If/when we downsize, I will consider getting a smaller frame (same size machine.) then I can safely say “I am sorry, I don’t have enough room to quilt a king!” I am sneaky that way!

  3. Kelly Meyers

    Big quilts get super easy all over FMQ at my house-especially when quilting for others! I keep telling myself that I’m going to do something fancy someday but that hasn’t happened yet!

  4. Judy

    That is a lot of quilt! I’m with your Mom, as I get older the weight of the big ones begins to feel heavier.

  5. Pamela Arbour

    It is a beautiful quilt. I like how you got a good assortment of fabrics throughout. I know what you mean about BIG quilts. Almost all of mine are queen or king. I keep asking myself why? I need to start making large throws instead!

  6. Mary

    Lovely quilt, good job. I’m with your mom, no more king-size or queen-size quilts for me – unless I quilt by check 😉

  7. Vicki

    Now you know how I felt about the Rainbow Quilts! But I’m still playing with the scraps. I really like this quilt a lot.

  8. Nann

    I really like the setting, Mary — boxed squares are a nice variation to the crosses. I agree that a really big quilt can get tedious to work on. (“Six more rows, still?”)

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