Walking in the park

Before trying to work in the sewing room, it’s best to try and burn off a little of Finn’s energy. I’m only out and about early when Keith is out of town!

Waiting for me to catch up.

Don’t you love parks with water fountains for dogs?

Heading up now to sew – hopefully Finn will nap!

9 thoughts on “Walking in the park

  1. Sara F

    Oh my – he’s so cute! He looks like my daughter’s dog. She is a Teddy Bear (Bishon/Shih Tzu hybrid) and also so full of energy but sweet as can be. She’s only about 8 months old now and she is wonderful with their 4 year old daughter especially. I guess they’re often used as therapy dogs with children.

  2. Penny G

    Finn is adorable. Glad some walking happened and that you two seem to be setting up a routine. Cute little fellow.

  3. Linda H

    Love that “over the shoulder” look that says …. LET’S GO, MOM!!! He’s adorable!!

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