The little Crosses and O’s top is assembled. So quick compared to the 2+ weeks it took me to do Becky’s king size one and now I need to clean up a little in the sewing room and piece a couple backs. 

This one will be quilted here in FL and I won’t set up the table to get it pin basted for a couple weeks – when we get back from Hatteras because I’ve got a cleaning service coming Tuesday and company coming Saturday. That means I get to do more piecing after getting those backs done. 

I had an email asking me to review a product from Amazon. Do you use the wonder clips in your sewing?! I love them for hand sewing my binding rather than using pins and since I’m always losing one or two I was thrilled to have the opportunity to buy them at discounted rate in exchange for the review. 

I think they’re a little lighter weight than the Clover ones but they should easily hold up to being used for my binding. And look, they come in a cute little bag!

The price is good, shipping is free if you have an Amazon Prime membership, and they arrived in 2 days. Here’s the link if you want to check them out. 

6 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Clara

    The cross and circle quilt is wonderful! 🙂

    I love my quilting clips. I use them for organizing quilt sections as I cut them out as well as for binding.

    From Amazon, I have used both of these clips:

    Both of them are 100 clips; one was $9.98, and the other was $9.78.

    I like them every bit as much as the Clover clips, and they are much cheaper.

  2. Judy

    That is a good price on the clover clips. I find the longer I use them, the more uses I find for them. I recently made several zipper bags and they were great for holding the layers together while sewing.

  3. Donna Weeks

    Always a pleasure to read your posts. I have switched from the hair clip style binder clips to Wonder Clips. Much easier to use and they don’t fall off when moving the quilt around as you are hand binding. I also use them to hold all the cut pieces of fabric that are for blocks.

  4. Sharon Jones

    Your quilt is stunning. Love it to bits.
    Haveused similar clips to thr Clover ones and they worked fine.

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