93 degrees!

It’s not even May yet and it’s getting HOT! We took a day off walking and spent the afternoon at the pool. We looked at several places when we were house hunting and I’m so glad we ended up here … not just because of the pool but it’s a big plus in the hot weather!

I’ve started to assemble the small rectangle top – these little ones are so quick! 

Finn is so much more comfortable with the shorter hair in the heat .. we’ll definitely keep him like this. 

7 thoughts on “93 degrees!

  1. Carol in MN

    Keep sending photos of little Finn. I have puppy envy and this way I can enjoy yours. We kept our Yorkie in a puppy cut year round in Minnesota because she would get too warm otherwise.

  2. Carmel

    Love that pic of Finn. His personality is coming to the fore.
    Lucky you with warmer weather…getting cold here in Melbourne, Australia.

  3. Linda Humphreys

    I totally get it about the pool. When we were house shopping down here, that was #1 non-negotiable on our list of must haves. I can’t imagine living in FL without a pool.

  4. Angie

    Finn is so cute! I would cut him even shorter if possible. Later on. These little dogs thermostats seem to run either “I’m very cold” or “I’m very hot”. I gave Sassy a hair cut yesterday because she was panting a lot. We have had a sudden mini heat wave here in north Calif. But, last night I had to cover her up at bedtime because the coastal fog came rolling in. I love Finn’s expressive face, and this big eyes! Glad you have a pool to cool off in. 90 degrees is just too hot.

  5. Sherrill

    Oh yeah, it’s been quite warm here yet today is a bit chilly and VERY windy (had BAD tornadoes to the east last night). Pools are nice for cooling off. That Finn is a cutey.

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