Light bulbs

So these bulbs probably aren’t worth what we paid for them but it’s been fun playing with color! I knew I wanted to add light bulbs that worked with Alexa and that we could still program while we were out of town. The Phillips Hue bulbs were the ones I’d decided to get and I even had the white, much less expensive ones in my basket when I saw the colored bulbs – they can be white or colored and are controlled via an app and/or Alexa. The set up was a little challenging trying to use Alexa with the color scenes so in the end I decided I’d use the app for the colors and keep things simple with Alexa … on/off and dimming. 

There were 3 bulbs and a hub in the starter kit and I think most likely when the bulbs need replacing I’ll get plain white for the family room and my bedroom but I’ll keep a colored bulb in the library. 

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