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Still on the design wall

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I mentioned that after talking to Becky we decided not to use the yellow border fabric she’d chosen and instead we’ll use this fabric on the back. 

That meant more blocks had to be made (and they have been) and now I’ve been assembling the blocks on the design wall so I can move this section to the bed and finish laying out the rest of the blocks. It doesn’t look like progress is being made but it’s coming along slowly. 

Much, much better

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So hot after his morning walk … napping on the cool tile. 

Then after grooming this afternoon. You can see he’s a lot lighter in color now that the black tips are gone but he still has some darker patches. 

After another walk and some playtime, he’s napping again. I’m hoping now that the hair is out of his eyes we can clear up some of the tearing. Like Chesty, we’ll keep him short like this. It’s easier to care for him and all that hair is just too hot living in Florida. 

He’s a mess!!

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Finn had his 16 week check up at the vet today and got the last of his boosters so I can FINALLY get him groomed! This is the last photo you’ll see of the hairball. The mobile groomer is coming Wednesday and I think he’s going to look completely different … not just because there will be a lot less hair but a lot of the black which has been growing out will be shaved off. Stay tuned!

He was 6 and a half pounds today when they weighed him so according to the vet we can expect him to be about 13 lbs when he’s fully grown. That’s a perfect size, just slight smaller (by one pound) than Chesty was and within the range needed to fly with him in the cabin of an airplane.  Chesty flew a number of times with me and choosing a dog that would be small enough to fly was important. 

Do you shop at Amazon?

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I’ll admit I dislike shopping so I always head to Amazon first to see if they have what I need. I have a prime membership which used to just mean free shipping but now it’s got a number of other benefits including free books, free music, and free videos – TV and movies. I always start at Amazon Smile now that I learned that it generates donations for a charity I choose. 

$33 dollars isn’t much but wow, thanks to me and other Amazon shoppers the Red Cross has received over a million dollars. It’s a good reminder that every little bit adds up and it’s an easy way to help … just like donating to the food bank when I go to the grocery store – what better time to think about those hungry and in need than when I’m stocking up on groceries for the two of us. It’s a reminder of how truly fortunate we are. (And for those of you who know that I rarely go to the grocery store, I’ve got Keith trained to give too)!


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The last time I ordered muslin for my HeartStrings quilts they sent me the wrong thing. It was a heavy duty muslin , not the lightweight stuff I usually use but since it was all I had, I used it for the last set of blocks. It’s a heavy top and I decided I would just back it with flannel and not use any batting and I think I found the perfect backing for it. I’ll get it pieced and carry it along with the top to Big Canoe for quilting.