Boring or efficient?

I had the morning to spend in the sewing room while the cleaning woman was here and after pulling out a couple bins, I found the leftover strips from my PLUS 1 quilt. Since I’d just used the little rectangle quilt as an example of quilt math, I knew I had enough strips (18) and after pulling a gray background – knew that as long as I cut carefully, I’d have enough of it to make another small quilt. 

The blocks are ready to assemble, I still have enough scraps for a doll quilt, and my house is VERY clean! A good morning all the way around. 

5 thoughts on “Boring or efficient?

  1. Penny G

    Cute quilt, I like the other rectangle better, but this one is cute too.
    I liked the color variation better in the original.

  2. Kathie L

    Efficient!! I’ve found myself making smaller and smaller projects to use up the leftovers from a just finished project. It makes me feel good to put even the leftovers into some small project that my church’s sewing group can sell for their charity work. It’s like free fabric, don’t you think?

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