Looking for inspiration

Do you remake quilts in different sizes and colors or do you make one and move on to another block or pattern?

I found myself looking through my album of quilts and seeing a few that I would like to do again….the lattice quilt, the two color drunkard’s path, the framed rectangles, the pineapple, and even that rail fence. 

Somewhere waiting for me to find it are the book and ruler that I used for the Pineapple. Just as soon as I replaced them I’m sure they would show up but I remember setting them aside and I thought they’d come to FL with me only I can’t find them anywhere. I’m trying to make more child size quilts that I can easily quilt in FL and Mom made several very cute ones using the ruler and the Quilt in a Day ruler/method. 

Isn’t this green one she made cute?!

6 thoughts on “Looking for inspiration

  1. Penny G

    They are all beautiful and I remake lots of quilts. Your quick strippie most often, a flower square that was so well loved I made 3, and generally I remake something someone saw that I made and requests. Most of mine are made by request so someone sees the one made for their friend or cousin and wants one just like it. I don’t do just like for any one. I made quick strippies with a soccer themed main fabric recently for 2 cousins. I used the same main fabric, grass print for a secondary fabric, but one got blue as the solid and the other got red. I can’t bring myself to make identical quilts.

  2. Shirley

    Your mother’s quilt is beautiful; so serene in the different greens. I like to try new quilt patterns, but have been using your boxed squares and Chinese coins patterns for my charity quits as I can use up my scraps in quilts that still look nice but scrappy and go together quickly.

  3. Stephanie

    With so many designs around, it might seem strange to want to make the same ones over and over. But I love it, and do it all the time.
    Different colours, different settings for the same blocks … the fun is never ending.
    And happy dancing happening here, on seeing your wonderful news.

  4. Nancy

    Whenever I find a pattern I like, I often remake it, especially for QOV.

    Love your Mom’s pineapple quilt. That pattern would make a great baby quilt.

  5. Julierose

    Rarely do I make the exact same pattern more than once–BUT, the type of quilt eg: sewn on muslin blocks–like “Eye of God” or log cabin or sewn on batting types I do a lot of…as i like that technique. Easy to keep even and trim up …I have made two spider webs but that’s the only one I can think of…
    But if you like the method and type why not?? hugs, Julierose

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