2 thoughts on “I love kayaking!

  1. Penny G

    Me too. I have a fishing kayak and a small cheap kayak the travels in zig zags. My husband has a kayak and we also own a tandem. When we first got them about 10 years ago we began with the tandem because we thought I wouldn’t be able to paddle. Found out both of my husband’s rotator cuffs were damaged and he had limited paddling ability. We would head out and sometimes we got a fair distance before the pain took over. Then I would paddle us back or at least do most of the paddling. Ahead 2 years after 2 surgeries, we bought his kayak because there were times he wanted to go out alone. Then I bought the cheap single because a tandem is so hard to handle in the local bayous. Upgraded when I found out it was harder to handle and more work than necessary.

    Our kayaking days are spent rowing on local bayous or the bay. Ocean kayaking has not been a plan. We look at birds and wildlife since the land surrounding the area we kayak is government range that hasn’t been built on. The last bay trip (longer and more planning) was 2 years ago, but we find the good kayaking times are also the best bird photography times so we are conflicted.

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