Adapting to change

I had some time in the sewing room today and as I finished piecing the little snowball top my mind wandered.

Life has changed so much for us in the last few years and I think I’ve finally realized that there’s a new normal now. The almost 8 years we spent in Minneapolis were the most productive quilting years I’ve had and I kept thinking that things would settled down and I’d get back to that level and for some reason not being that productive has created stress for me. 

Out of curiosity I looked at what I’ve accomplished so far this year – 11 tops quilted and 9 tops pieced – that’s not a bad count and it represents hours of happiness spent in my sewing room!

Part of the stress comes from the blog – It started as a quilting blog although over the years (11+ years!) it has developed into a journal for me where I write about my quilting, the family, and my travels. 

Don’t worry – I’m not about to stop quilting – I love the time I spend making quilts and being able to give family and people in need a handmade quilt is one of the things I love most. I will however stop worrying about being more productive and about whether I have something quilty to share on the blog every day like I did in years past. 

I’m grateful for so many things in my life and I plan to continue to enjoy my time with family, time with Finn, my travels, my quilting and knitting, being active (walking, hiking, kayaking), and having company visit us here and at Big Canoe.

I’m also happy that this little snowball top is assembled! I really don’t like coming back to a top in pieces on the design wall but luckily this one was quick to sew together and that means I can move on to something new!

18 thoughts on “Adapting to change

  1. Dee Winter

    Truthfully, I don’t care for blogs that are one subject. Makes the person writing it so flat. I like seeing the rest of their world, kids, dogs, husbands, what they had for supper. I enjoy seeing Finn get bigger, less hairy, interacting with the grandkids. Keep it up, I enjoy seeing your mom and the great places you go, as I don’t travel much anymore. Take care,

  2. Sue Lerch

    I have always been amazed at how much you accomplish. You have been an inspiration to so many of us. Please take whatever time you need each day to enjoy whatever is happening. You should never feel “like you are doing less than” what you should. Life changes and we all should feel free to adapt and have fun with what it is at the present.
    You have been so generous to all of us; please never feel like you are doing enough.
    It is so much fun to see you enjoying the family and describing your adventures with Finn.
    You are truly someone that I feel is among my treasured quilters.
    Thanks for everything.

  3. Roma

    Ms. Mary,
    I know what you speak of- as I have been on the same plain. So days are diamonds and some time the hard times will not leave me alone. My hubby and I have a 4.5 yr old great grandson living with us.
    Has been here since he was 2 months old. Takes a lot of my sewing time.. so my progress has been very slow.. I think you are one wonderful person.!! I read your blog everyday1 Never fail.. you are a inspiration to so many in the world.. Changes happen to all of us, so don’t fret over what your don’t do – be happy and content with what you do now..
    And by the way Congrats on the new Grandbaby coming later this year..

  4. Sally

    I enjoy reading your blog. I came to it because I am a quilter, but I enjoy so much your chats about Finn, your mom, other family members, travels! I live in coastal South Carolina and have never been to the Outer Banks! One day! Please don’t feel pressure to write every day, nor that it always has to be something about quilting. Your readers are from all over the world and enjoy hearing about what is going on where ever you happen to be that day.

  5. Sherrill

    It’s funny that you’re saying this now as Judy L said a lot of the same stuff on her blog a week or so ago. Hers started out pretty much all quilting and now she hardly quilts at all. She quit the stash report and whats on your design wall that she hosted weekly and I’m sure that bothered some but I mostly read blogs that have content that interests me. I frankly think you’re very productive (at least by my standards!!) and so I continue to check your blog. It’s all good.

  6. Mary Jo

    I love reading all the things that you post about. Only quilting, even though I love quilts, would get boring!

  7. Ruth

    I finish one quilt a year if I’m lucky. So you seem incredibly productive to me. But truth be told. I read for more than just the quilts. My own blog started as a knitting blog and devolved into quilting, spinning, scrapbooking (occasionally) knitting, crochet and travel. I know I’ve lost readers because it’s so varied, but it’s a reflection of me and my life and I like being able to go back and see what we were doing and what I was making in the past.

  8. Nancy

    Like the others who commented, I prefer to read blogs with multiple interests and topics. I love reading about your quilts (thanks for the free patterns), your knitting, dear Finn, and your family. Post when and what you can, and I’ll gladly be here to read and comment.

  9. Ellie

    The snowball quilt is lovely and will be a welcome gift to someone! I enjoy reading your blog, sharing your adventures and travels. Don’t think you have to stay in a particular vein. The variety you bring to your blog makes it interesting. It encourages us to think and comment. Thank you.

  10. Diana from SC

    I enjoy the photos and stories you write about on your blog. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  11. Girl in the Stix

    Oh, Mary, your accomplishments leave me in the dust! I enjoy your blog so much, but I’d hate for it to become a burden to you. I am grateful that you take the time to share your journeys with us, your joys and sorrows, and hope I may continue to read how you are doing. All the best!

  12. carolyn

    I stopped blogging a few years ago because i wasn’t doing much quilting because pain had taken over my life and no one wants to hear about that. I do understand and I’m glad that so much good is happening for you. You still quilt more than any three people I know…I wish I could have your stamina and energy. I used to and I miss it! Keep blogging…I don’t read to hear about your quilts, after so many years, I read to hear about your family, your projects and your life.

  13. Kim Q

    Blogs come and go on my reading list, but yours has been a constant for a long time now. We all change, it’s the cycle of life. Nice snowball quilt, I love the colors!

  14. diana

    There for a second I thought you were going to say you were going to stop blogging. I enjoy reading your blog every day. The fact that it’s not always quilty is not a problem for me, I love seeing all your photos especially family and Finn, it’s funny I almost named my new puppy Finn, last year, after Cory Monteith on Glee, but named him JAX’ My Three year old great nephew wanted the puppy’s name like his, Jackson, Jacks for short! Thanks for sharing your day on your blog, I will always be a faithful reader! <3

  15. Linda in NE

    Your little Snowball quilt turned out really cute. I especially noticed the purple border. For the first time ever, I put a purple border on a quilt and it really makes the top pop.

    I enjoy reading your blog. The bits & pieces about your life make it more interesting, not less. (That Finn is just to cute for his own good!) A one topic blog gets boring after a while…at least to me.

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