Finn’s home!

I don’t know who was happier when I went to pick him up this morning – he was quite excited to come home and after greeting Keith, ran right to his toys. 

I had the groomer scheduled to come so while he was being cleaned up and trimmed, I prepped and started pinning one of the small tops waiting for quilting. 

The light in the corner is new, a Stella Two that I was offered in exchange for giving some feedback to the company. I thought I’d also share my impression here. I really, really like this light. I’ve got several OTT lights but this one is my new favorite. I like how long the light arm is and how easy it is to adjust. The light can be dimmed and the light temperature can be warm or cool or a combination – I’m using this in my sewing room but with the ability to dim and change the light temperature to warm, it would make a great light for beside my chair for reading and stitching. My one little issue with it is that the controls are a little hard to see on the base so I found myself fumbling around a bit trying to find the right one to turn the light on.  Once you’ve used the light a bit you know which one is which and it’s not a problem. 

Once Finn’s grooming was done, I took a break to walk him to the park. He came back tired and ready for a nap so I’m going to try and crochet a washcloth while he rests.

7 thoughts on “Finn’s home!

  1. Nancy

    Finn looks so sweet in the first photo, almost like he’s hugging the toy and whispering that he missed it.

  2. Diana from SC

    I found some lights like what you have at Aldi a year or so ago. Has USB port as well as time, temp date. Not bad for the price paid. Fits nicely along the front the my machines.

  3. Linda H

    Hard to say which “Finn” I like best … the before or after … he is absolutely ADORABLE!!

  4. Angie

    Finn is so adorable! I like his new shorter haircut, but I know they grow out quickly. I’ve had two Stella lights for a few years now, and I really like them so much better than Ott which seemed to bother my eyes. I have one by my chair where I sit and do hand work, and one in my sewing room by the machine. Mine have colored touch controls. I love that quilt top with the grey background!

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