Happy early birthday to me!

You might have noticed last week that I went kayaking just about every day of our vacation – I love kayaking! I’ve always borrowed or rented one but after this vacation I decided I needed to buy one for myself. I really liked Ann’s and was able to find it online so Keith agreed I could get it for an early birthday present. Chris is going to pick it up for me and for now I’m thinking I’ll keep it in GA to use at Big Canoe but with the bay so close I’m tempted to bring it back here after the summer or maybe I need two 🙂

I bought a life vest while we were in Hatteras so now I’m all set if I can wait until July to use it. 

Chris has also agreed to bring it to Hatteras next year for me – yep, we’ve already reserved the same house for next year. 

Could there be any better way to celebrate Mother’s Day?! Love you Mom!!!

7 thoughts on “Happy early birthday to me!

  1. grace thorne

    lovely venue but sure you feel as i do, anyplace with my mom is wonderful…

  2. Sara F

    The house and the memories you all made together are wonderful. I’ve never tried kayaking but it looks fun. I did a little canoeing in college.

  3. Linda H

    Enjoy your birthday … wishes for a wonderful year! Enjoy your mom … I lost my mom two days after this past Mother’s Day. It will take me a long time to get over not hearing her voice on our daily calls.

  4. Girl in the Stix

    I plan to get a kayak when we make the final move from Washington state to South Carolina. I’ve been kayaking in Montana lakes (cold!), and look forward to paddling on the waterways in the South. It’s such a serene way to get around on the water (no white-water kayaking for me!).

  5. Angie

    Lovely memories being made at Hattaras, especially with your Mom. Such a beautiful place. Have fun with your birthday gift, and take care. I’m not fond of being on the water where I can’t see what is lurking below. I had a memorable experience in Hawaii in the water, and since then I prefer pools.

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