Remembering our Dads

Both my Dad and Keith’s Dad served in the military and we remember them and all those who served today. 

My dad, Patrick Joseph McLaughlin, served in the Navy right out of high school which was during the Korean War – luckily he was on a ship in the Mediterranean.

Kevin, Mom, and I visited Dad’s grave a couple weeks ago. He died 28 years ago. 

Keith’s dad, Bruce Alan Johnson, also entered the military right out of high school. 

He served in the Marines in Korea during the war, in the Army in Vietnam during the war, and remained in the Army until he was eligible for retirement. He’s interred at Arlington National Cemetery along with Keith’s Mom. We haven’t been to Arlington to visit since Shirl’s funeral in July 2015 but my nephew Ben who lives in the D.C. Area sent us a photo last year and this year after visiting the site. Bruce died 12 years ago. 

2 thoughts on “Remembering our Dads

  1. Kathie L

    This is a day of remembrance of my dad too, a WWII Army veteran. I visit his grave every time I visit my mum, with flowers to brighten his hilltop grave. It’s been 13 years. I’ve been reading his letters to my Aunt Shirley during the war and intend to transcribe them for the family.

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