Virtual quilting

I like big block quilts – a star where one block plus some borders becomes the entire quilt. In this case, I started with this block.

I put 4 together and added borders to make it throw size. Did you notice I change the bottom right corner to make a square in a square block where they all came together?

I love this little vintage friendship star and nine patch from eBay too … I’m saving it for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Virtual quilting

  1. Joanne Hubbard

    Oh, I like this! I think I’m going to play with borders a little bit and see if I can make this fit the dimensions for a QOV. You are so kind to share these ideas with us! I should take a count of how many times I’ve used your patterns for donation quilts. I know it’s well over 20. Thank you!

  2. Sheila

    Love it, do you think you will be adding it to your patterns? I made your Carpenter Star quilt a few years back and just love it!

  3. Judy

    Love your big star! And also like the vintage friendship star. I will look forward to seeing you make that one.

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