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Looking for inspiration

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Do you remake quilts in different sizes and colors or do you make one and move on to another block or pattern?

I found myself looking through my album of quilts and seeing a few that I would like to do again….the lattice quilt, the two color drunkard’s path, the framed rectangles, the pineapple, and even that rail fence. 

Somewhere waiting for me to find it are the book and ruler that I used for the Pineapple. Just as soon as I replaced them I’m sure they would show up but I remember setting them aside and I thought they’d come to FL with me only I can’t find them anywhere. I’m trying to make more child size quilts that I can easily quilt in FL and Mom made several very cute ones using the ruler and the Quilt in a Day ruler/method. 

Isn’t this green one she made cute?!

Day 3

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Today marked the start of our Hatteras vacation – Kevin, Mom, and I drove 2 hours to meet up with Keith. We did the grocery shopping and opened up the house where my sister and her family and Chris, Becky, and Rae joined us. 

It was a bit breezy but we didn’t let it stop us from enojoying the deck. 

It was overcast but the sunset got more and more intense … ending up with the most beautiful sky!

So much fun spending time together!

Ben is a favorite with Rae and Savannah and such a good sport! All the little girls in the family seem to go though a phase where they’re crushing on Ben … of course Savannah is lucky because she sees him the most since he’s her uncle!

Best of all we got wonderful news tonight – Rae is going to be a big sister in December!!!!!!!!

Day 2

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Another day spent with family. We enjoyed our visit with Mom’s sister.

She has such a pretty yard with lots of flowers and she showed them all to us. It was funny at times with all three of us trying to remember the names of the different  plants – they were right on the tip of our tongues!

After we left, we drove to Edenton to visit the cemetery and to put flowers on my grandparents graves. Mom doesn’t get back to NC very often now – I know not everyone likes cemeteries but I love visiting them and this one had my grandparents, my great grandparents and numerous other relatives. I would love to spend a week or two just documenting this cemetery. 

After the cemetery we went to a local nursing home to visit Mom’s last living aunt – she will be 98 in August!! Then back to the hotel and more cards that night with Kevin and Mom. 

Half Square Triangles

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I haven’t finished the snowball top and I’m already thinking about starting another quilt …. I love half square triangle quilts and have made a bunch over the years. 

This was a quick easy baby quilt using 6 inch finished HSTs

I made a pink/purple version but it’s still just half quilted – somehow I haven’t found the time to finish up the big stitch hand quilting. 

This scrappy HST quilt is done …

This one is still waiting for quilting …

This is one Mom and I made together. The HSTs finish at 2 and 4 inches and I’m thinking I’m going to make one of these where the HSTs finish at 3 and 6 inches. 

What’s your favorite method of making HSTs? Mine used to be Thangles but now it’s my GO. I have the dies for 2, 3, 4, and 6 inch blocks. 

Travel day

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Up at 3:00 am for a very early flight …. got some steps in walking from one end of the Atlanta airport to another … I like the forest between two of the terminals, nature sounds and all.

Kevin and Mom picked me up at the airport and we went to the cemetery before heading to NC to visit with Mom’s family. 

After dinner we played a practice game of UNO at the hotel – Kevin won but I’ve got a week to get my revenge!


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Today was one of those crazy days where I ran around doing laundry, errands, packing … no sewing at all although I did order the purple border fabric I need for the Snowball Flowers top and I packed my knitting for the flight. 

I did manage to log enough miles to finish my virtual hike of the Appalachian Trail on the site. 

Trail Award – Appalachian Trail, 2202 miles

I won’t do another trail right now because I’m participating in the “2017 in 2017” challenge. My mileage is looking kind of light for May so I’ve got to pick it back up when I get home. 

Have you seen this?

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We get a lot of boxes from Amazon – whenever possible I do shop online – and after opening an email from them, I found a link to this program. Somehow I’d never noticed it before. You can generate a free shipping label and reuse your box to ship items to a charity. It looks like they choose one based on your zip code and the one they chose for me was not local but I think it’s a neat idea and wanted to share.  Click the link below to read more about it. 

Give Back Box

Snowballs and company

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So I’ll add borders but the snowball blocks are done.  They were quick and easy to make with the Accuquilt GO die.

Keith’s been a little jealous because in addition to being a momma’s boy, Finn is apparently a ladies man – he’s very attentive to my niece Laura and her friend Ashley who are visiting this weekend. 

We went to the beach this evening for the sunset … tomorrow the girls and I will go to Clearwater for some more beach time. 

And it was a beautiful sunset!

My blocks are not all purple …

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You know how it goes, you’re anxious to start a quilt, there’s no pattern, you think you know what you’re doing … until you run into some snags. After making a couple flower/ snowball blocks yesterday (4 snowballs make a flower) I realized a couple things. The fat quarter bundle wasn’t the best choice for this quilt – yes, there will have to be a leftover quilt and my light and dark greens weren’t going to create hourglasses every where they came together. 

So I stewed on it overnight and then got up this morning and decide to draw it out and see if I could live with how the two backgrounds were coming together. I decided yes and kept making blocks today. My niece and a friend are coming for a visit tomorrow and will be here for a few days but I’ll share the blocks/quilt in progress soon. 

I want to say that in the almost 3 years since we moved from MN and I sent my longarm and stash to GA that I’ve made it work without many regrets — working on this quilt made me regret I didn’t have my stash here to pull from. It will be smaller than I’d originally planned but I was so anxious to make it that I couldn’t wait until I had access to the stash and better choices. 

My favorite space

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I love my house so to say this is my very favorite space is really saying something. I’ve got a great sewing room, an extra large master bedroom with a new bathroom, a comfortable family room, a great front porch, a remodeled kitchen … the list could go on but as I sit here in my library tonight – it really is a dream come true for me. Music is playing in the background and I’m sitting here with my feet up – those are recliners! Checking email, blogging, reading, sipping wine – this is my perfect space. I can’t get the whole wall in from where I’m sitting so I took photos of each section. If I could find an electric insert that fit in that fireplace I would be thrilled!!! For now we still have the Xmas lights in there. I’m on the hunt for some amber lights. 

What a luxury to have a home large enough to dedicate a room to reading! I feel so very fortunate.