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There’s a story to this quilt – 3 years ago in Maine Brenda, Jackie, and Rebecca brought Tumblers – lots and lots of Tumblers – and we had some Tumbler races just for fun. 

Some of the leftovers went home with Mavie and with Darlene’s help – and maybe Sharon’s too – they came back 2 years ago as a bunch of assembled tops. I tied some of them that year but there were lots of them for Bev to quilt too so I brought 3 small ones back with me to finish here in FL. I intended to get them all done and take them back with me last year but I wasn’t able to attend due to caring for my sister-in-law who passed away in October from cancer. 

Fast forward to now – this is the last one to be finished and I can’t wait for September and the Maine sew-in!

Just 3 more items on the to do list before we leave for Big Canoe next week – I’m still not sure I’ll get through all three but I’m happy that most of the list has been accomplished!


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I didn’t get into the sewing room to sew at all today but at least I did some binding. I have about 5 inches left of the Tumbler binding to hand stitch down and I’ll do that when I go up to bed.

Our basic cable bill has gone through the roof and I would cancel the TV and just keep the Internet portion if it wasn’t for Keith but the Internet been spotty too. We pay extra to have a higher speed connection but it’s frustrating because it drops out more frequently than I’d expect it to. We made a decision to go with the other cable company in the area – it will cut our bill in more than half and the internet speed will be higher (in theory) but the only problem is we’ve had two technicians out here and the new cable still isn’t hooked up and there was no follow up from the company after the first one was out last week although he assured me he’d be back in a day or two to get the job done. I finally had to call, they knew nothing about it and the guy who came out today knew nothing about the previous visit and was unprepared so we didn’t get switch over today either. He’s supposed to come back with a supervisor tomorrow and get the job done but I’m not holding my breath. It makes me nervous when service sucks as a new customer!!

What I did accomplish in the last couple days is a pile of laundered quilts ready to donate. Some will get shipped out and some will go to GA with me for donation and the little gray one on the end will stay at Big Canoe. I’ve got 4 more stacks of quilts this size to be washed and donated but I’ll get these out of here first.


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Mom cut and appliqued my schoolhouses using the Accuquilt GO die and they’ve been waiting for me to make the sashing and assemble them. The scrappy sashing is a lot of cutting because I don’t have yardage and it’s not going to be as quick as I thought or I might have saved it for when we get back from Big Canoe. I hate leaving things partially done on the design wall.


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I finished the binding on the Pluses and Circle quilt several days ago but I needed to repair a small area of the stitching where my bobbin thread had loops. It was less than an inch but still needed to come out and be redone. Now it’s ready to be washed and carried to GA. I’ve decided I’ll keep this one at Big Canoe for Rae to use when she’s visiting. 

I’ve also finished piecing the backing for Becky’s king size top – that’s the last one of those I plan to piece!! Next time I’m going to purchase a wide back! I’ve been gathering all the things going to Big Canoe in a corner of the sewing room but now it’s time to start organizing it all. The car will be packed to the gills as usual going and coming. I also got a package from Mom with two tops – the stockings need some lettering that my sister decided not to do. I may do it if I have time and the inclination so that Top will wait for quilting until our December trip but the poinsettia top will go with me for quilting in July. 

My dilemma

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I’ve said before how much I love my library – it’s my favorite room in the house but it also seems to be the room everyone wants to be in when we have company. You may remember that we have the vintage electric fireplace and the built in shelves on one wall. 

And facing them across the room two chairs … yep, just two chairs in the entire room which suits me and Keith just perfectly but doesn’t work so well when we have company. 

I decided this weekend that I need to add additional seating in the form of a loveseat that will fit between the windows in the above photo and move the chairs to flank the fireplace so Keith and I went shopping after our company left today.  We found a loveseat that fits in the space, fabric that should work well with the brown chairs. I’m hoping the print isn’t too busy but the gold fabric is for a couple pillows which should help. 

I can’t believe I didn’t take photos of the two ottomans/storage cubes/tray tables/seats from the store but I found them on the website and they’re pictured below. You can see that you can flip the top around to a cushion top or a tray table. We’re doing one in the print fabric of the loveseat and one in the brown fabric of the chairs – I hope that’s not a mistake!!

If you include the ottoman/seats this will give me seating for 6 in the room. Now I just have to figure out how to light the room because the side table isn’t going to fit in with the new pieces without blocking one of the windows or the fireplace and I’m NOT doing that!

On the plus side, the saleswoman from the store may be able to help me find an set of logs/insert that’s narrow enough for the fireplace! 


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Usually I’m writing about the boys and their families or my family but we had Keith’s brothers and his sister-in-law visiting for a couple nights. 

The guys went to Top Golf for some friendly competition on Saturday and Mary and I walked to the village and back and then cooled off at the pool. 

 Saturday night we had dinner out and walked along the riverwalk afterwards – what a gorgeous sky!

It was still very humid so we didn’t walk far – just enough to take a few photos. Who knows when we’ll all be together again?!

Problem solved

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I host my blog and website at and have since 2007. Overall I’ve always been pretty happy with them and the support with a couple exceptions. Tonight I contacted technical support via chat and in about 25 minutes my problem uploading photos was solved. Thank goodness! 

I know just enough about website design and management to be dangerous but can’t really solve any challenging problems myself so I’m grateful for good technical support. 

I love technology but …

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When it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to it’s a pain!

Having some challenges with the blog not uploading photos the last few days and haven’t had time to work through it yet. Comments are also not coming to my email again so I’m having to go into the blog administration to respond. 

Our company is gone so hopefully I can get it all figured out in the next day or two!


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This little batik squares doll quilt is finished also as I work my way though my list. 

 It also happens to be a UFO finish for me – # 8 for the year. Quilted with a loopy meander, it was meant to be a warm up for the Pluses and Circles top but I ended up quilted swirls on that one. 

Someone asked if I donate these and that was my intention several years ago but I couldn’t find a doll that I liked to go with the two I’d made so they just sat around and then Rae started putting all her dolls and stuffed animals to bed under quilts so most of them have gone to her including the last one that went with Bridget the Elephant. 

Maybe it’s time to make her another animal for her menagerie and save this little quilt to go with it. Becky sent me this photo a while back of the three I’ve already made for her. The quilt is one of her many quilts – I made this one – but Mom has made several for her too. When we were facetiming other day she saw one I always working on and asked if it was for her – when I said no she told me that she loved quilts and then started telling Becky that she should make her some quilts too. Becky doesn’t sew or quilt and has no intention of starting to but she said Rae assured her she could learn how.