A certain size

Over the years I’ve found that certain size quilts work best for me – most of my quilts are donated and I tend to stick close to two sizes for those donation quilts. The larger sofa size tends to be about 54 x 72 and the smaller ones about 40 x 54 and these I quilt in FL on the regular sewing machine. I don’t worry about staying exactly at these measurements as I’m designing and piecing a quilt but most tend to be close to this size. 

I knew I wanted to quilt this HeartStrings top I’m working on here – there’s already a backlog of tops to be quilted in GA so I decided 20 blocks would work – our HeartStrings blocks are 9 inches finished (9.5 with seam allowances). 

Next up, a little quilt math – 2 inch finished sashing would give me a quilt that is 42 x 53. I can get 4 sashing strips from each WOF strip and I need 31 sashing pieces. 31 divided by 4 is 7.75 so I need 8 strips cut 2.5 inches = 20 inches of fabric. That means this black star fabric with 22 inches will work just fine although I’ll need to bind it in a solid black or maybe a pieced binding – we’ll see. 

And in spite of being sick, I actually have something to show for the week!

And Chris had something to show me – he picked up my kayak today! I hate I won’t get to use it until July but I’m looking forward to enjoying it at Big Canoe. 

16 thoughts on “A certain size

  1. Mary D

    I tend to make my donation quilts on the larger size so I can be sure they will be snuggle worthy. I love love that orange canoe. So me. Get well soon.

  2. The Joyful Quilter

    That’s going to be a really cute quilt!! If I were the kayaking sort, I would LOVE that orange kayak. Alas, I will simply have to admire your adorable granddaughter!! Kayaking and I don’t get along.

  3. Girl in the Stix

    Oh, that quilt just sparkles, with the black sashing! Nice job. Another one for the bucket list, I guess. Hugs to Finn, and all the best to you and yours.

  4. Jackie

    I love this. Sometimes sashing just makes a quilt (even though you may not enjoy the process!)

  5. ==="Love"

    What an amazing quilt made from leftovers! Even the multi-colored cornerstones add a special sparkle in that black sashing. —“Love”

  6. Susan Price

    I also tend to make my adult donation quilts about the size of your larger quilts, 57″-62″ wide and 68″ to 75″ long. I call these HUG quilts, large enough to wrap around yourself and give yourself a hug when you are lonely. The last few years I haven’t made as many donation quilts because I am making samples for a local quilt shop. The larger samples become donations once the shop is finished with them.

    Susan in Chicago area

  7. Ginger

    Love the looks of this bright quilt! Like someone else said, it’s got to go on my to-do list!

    Kayaking would be a great way to exercise, except I do not swim.

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