Still miserable

I just can’t seem to shake this congestion and cough and now I want to feel sorry for myself because it’s my birthday and it’s raining. Instead, i decided to head for the sewing room.

After aimlessly wandering around in the room for 30 minutes trying to decide what to start, I realized a Strippie would be perfect – no real concentration needed and I could piece it from start to finish today. I’ve had this fabric forever and I guess I liked it so much I was saving it – now I know just where this little Strippie is going be gifted in 6 months and it’s even better that Gram started making it on her birthday!

Another positive ….. in addition to being my birthday it’s National Donut Day! Thanks Keith for helping me celebrate!

I’m going stir crazy after hanging around the house for the last couple weeks so I have no idea what we’ll do later but rain or shine it will be something that doesn’t involve staying home!

23 thoughts on “Still miserable

  1. Nancy B in AZ

    Oh…..exciting news! Happy, Happy.
    Take care; lots of rest, and watch for a spike in temperature. These things can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia in a wink of an eye.

  2. Nancy B in AZ

    BTW…are those Krispy Kreme donuts? I love Krispy Kremes!
    Also that Strippie is adorable.

  3. Sara F

    Happy birthday! Hope you feel well enough to enjoy the rest of the day. You need dinner out – with 2 good reasons not to cook: you don’t feel good and it’s your day! Darling strippee quilt. Such cute fabric.

  4. Linda in NE

    Happy Birthday! Sorry you’re still not feeling good…sometimes the only thing to do is sit and do some pretty much mindless sewing. Those donuts sure look good!

  5. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday! I’m sorry you are under the weather, glad you were able to make good use of your time!

  6. Kelly Meyers

    Happy Birthday! I love the strippie quilt-super cute fabrics. This is my go to baby quilt pattern too. I had a sinus infection and lost 5 weeks of my life this spring and got nothing done! it was the second time that it hit me hard so I’m heading to the ENT next week.

  7. Stephanie

    Donuts make everything better. Even birthdays when you are sick. You will just have to have an extra birthday once you are well again – spa day, massage etc.

  8. Roma

    Happy Birthday Mary!! Some of my family members say it is their birthday month. And do things for the whole month. Crazy family of mine..
    I do hope you will be feeling better soon.. Its awful not being up to what is YOUR NORMAL. Life happens everyday.. Rest and relax is the best thing to do..

  9. Nancy Myers

    A belated Happy Birthday….what a nice bonus to have National Donut Day on your birthday! Love the strippie quilt….they are my favorite for children’s quilts! Hope you feel better soon….it’s no fun feeling under the weather for prolonged periods!

  10. shirley swift-bruner

    It’s sucky to not feel tip-top on your birthday. hope you get all better real soon. you can celebrate like my sister and i do…..and have a birthday week. haha whatever you do, have fun.

  11. Sandra Kahler

    Happy belated birthday Mary! I hate when the hacking cough stays on for weeks. You are not up to par but still to not feel quite right. Hopefully this week will be much better for your health.

  12. Julierose

    Oh hon, so sorry you are still sick!!;((( Maybe some nice rest in the sun –vitamin D) will help you…and lotsa sleep…and fluids–you’ve probably tired all that , but these mega-colds are really hard to shake off. (When I am sick I always crave potato chips for some reason –who knows, maybe the salt??)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and donut day…get well soon…hugsx2 Julierose

  13. Sue Vermeland

    Happy birthday, Mary and I do hope you are feeling better real quick. Those donuts made me hungry! LOL Cute fabrics!

  14. Linda H

    Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you’re feeling better and go out for your celebration (rain or shine). LOVE the giraffe fabric … adorable!

  15. Shirley

    Happy Birthday! Do hope you feel better soon. Have you tried chicken soup and using a netti pot?

  16. Beth in AZ

    Happy Belated Birthday! I saw over at MQResource that it was your birthday. I will remember next yr as its my husband’s birthday too! Hope you are feeling better.

  17. Tanya

    Happy birthday! I’m sorry you are feeling poorly… that is no fun on any day. How nice that you could spend some time doing what you love.

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