Have you ever googled yourself? It seems a little vain but sometimes I find the most amazing things – like groups that use one of my instruction sheets for their donation projects, a site that features one of my instructions sheets, or a google images search that turns up lots of my quilts. 

Sometimes I see a quilt I’ve forgotten about like this one of Mom’s I quilted for her. 

Or one of my many HeartStrings Quilts – either made or just quilted by me. 


It can be a bit surprising to find yourself turning up all over the Internet!

4 thoughts on “Google

  1. Penny G

    You do so much good, it must be nice to see a review of some of it and see that you are appreciated.

  2. Alycia C

    That’s funny to see all of them again, and sometimes I even go read old blog posts, cuz I just can’t quite remember what I did – ha ha

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