I have a plan

I always get more accomplished when I have a plan or a list of goals to accomplish but sometimes I don’t want or need the self imposed pressure like the last few weeks when I was traveling and then sick for two weeks. 

Now I’m feeling better, have company coming for a visit next week, and just have a few weeks before I head to Big Canoe so it’s time to start planning!!

My table is up in the guest room so I need to get everything pinned that might be quilted before we leave for Big Canoe so I can take that table down. I pulled backs and started pinning. Love this little flannel butterfly fabric and it will work well with the Bright Rectangle top. As I’ve often said, it’s so nice to have a stash to pull from so I don’t have to shop every time I make a quilt. 

As I was pressing the top, I went ahead and looked at thread choices. It will be quilted just like the blue/green rectangles in a straight line grid following the piecing lines. I ALWAYS look at my thread choices on the quilt top before choosing – ALWAYS! My first thought frequently turns out not to be the one that works best. 

I use a lot of lime thread on bright quilts but in this case, I’m going to choose the cream. 

Since I’ve been quilting again on the sewing machine here, I like to do a practice piece before freemotion quilting – I’ve been making doll quilts from leftovers and I have a few tops waiting. I’m going to use gray thread on my next quilting project and that thread will also work on this small doll quilt so I got this one layered first. 

So 1 week before company, 3 weeks before Big Canoe, 1 day before Finn has his neutering surgery and this is my list – I definitely don’t plan to have everything done before I leave but I’ll work my way down it. 

Pin baste

  • Green doll quilt – done
  • Bright rectangles – in progress
  • Small tumbler from Maine


  • Green Stars – in progress
  • School House quilt
  • Applique butterflies on Jelly Roll Quilt
  • Back for Becky’s king size quilt
  • Borders on Mom’s queen size log cabin


  • Green doll quilt
  • Circles and Pluses
  • Bright Rectangles
  • Maine Tumbler

Bind – whatever I get to

Walk – it’s time to get back in my groove as I’ve fallen behind on my miles in the last few weeks. I have passed the 800 mark but I need 2017 miles by December 31st!

5 thoughts on “I have a plan

  1. Penny G

    You do more in a month than I do in a year! I am 1/2 way through the binding on a baby quilt that I started in January. In my defense I had to embroider the child’s name on the quilt since big brother ‘s and big sister’s have names embroidered on them. I got the name by asking my daughter a week after we got back from vacation and then had to reacquaint myself with the embroidery machine. She thought her husband had told me when the baby was born. oops!

  2. Bonnie in Va

    Since I’m easily distracted (ok, call me a raccoon — oooh shiny object — oooh glittery… you get the point) I try to have a weekly list of what I want to work on. Some weeks I get every thing done plus more and sometimes hardly anything gets done. If I go “off list” I do it purposely rather than being flighty! Your list seems really long but as I say if it gets done great if not there is another day. Enjoy the process.

  3. Judy

    I, too, am amazed at how much you accomplish in a given time. That list looks very ambitious to me.

  4. ---"Love"

    I got out of bed a few minutes ago, and I’m already tired after reading your “to do” list! That butterfly backing will be great for your beautiful bright rectangle quilt. The small quilt is really pretty too. —“Love”

  5. Kathie L

    Quite a list. What do you do with your doll quilts? Is there a charity that needs that size? Have fun at the sewing machine.

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