I knew I wanted to freemotion quilt this small top but I also didn’t want to mess it up. I can do a decent meander but I’ve never been a huge fan of a plain meander so I decided I’d keep it simple and do a loopy meander. First up was the doll quilt and while it was OK, I realized I wouldn’t like it at all on the Pluses and Circles quilt. So I went back to dithering about whether or not to just do a plain meander. Instead I decided to practice a few swirls … they’re something I find easy to quilt on the longarm and they always turn out well. 

Not too bad so I decided what the heck – I’ll never get halfway decent at quilting on the domestic machine if I don’t take chances and just quilt what I want. I’ll improve over time with practice. 

The binding is on the small doll quilt and ready for hand stitching and I’ve got a little less than a 1/3 of this one quilted. Let’s just call them wonky swirls!

All the pin basting is also finished and I’m asssembling the 5 Stars in quads so 3 are done and I’ve got one more to sew together before I start on the borders. Progress has been made but I go to get Finn from the vet in about 30 minutes and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to sew in his immediate post-op period. 

2 thoughts on “Dithering

  1. ---"Love"

    Your free motion quilting looks pretty good to me. I’ve always said I’ll probably ruin a lot of nice tops before I learn to free motion. Then I get nervous, and go back to my straight line quilting. I’ll never learn that way, will I? —“Love”

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