Doing great!

We had a rough night last night but Finn is doing great – he just slept too much because of the anesthesia yesterday and kept us up half the night. He wasn’t hurting … just wanted to be out of his bed and with us. Lots and lots of whining. 

For those of you who hated seeing him in the cone you’ll be happy to know he’s being really good – leaving his incision alone and hasn’t been in the cone at all today but I’ve got to say his arm looks a bit ridiculous where they shaved him for the IV. Makes you realize he’d look a lot skinnier without hair!

Chesty had terrible allergies all his life and spent his share of time in the cone so it really doesn’t bother me a lot. It’s a lot less traumatic than having complications from a wound they won’t leave alone and I just consider it part of being a responsible pet parent. 

In addition to spending time with Finn, I also managed to get in a walk – 4.26 miles and since I’ve fallen behind I decided I need to make a push during the rest of the month. Technically I should be at about a 1000 miles by the halfway point – June 30 – but I’m going to aim for 900. That requires 56 miles in 14 days which even keeping in mind that I count all my steps/miles, I don’t get many around the house so I’ve got to get in a walk every day to meet the goal. I’ve also challenged Keith and the boys to step up their game and the loser will be planning and cooking dinner for everyone on July 8th at Chris’ house. I can guarantee it won’t be me cooking but I’m anxious to get to GA and spend some time with the boys and the little ones!

Finn and I also spent some time in the sewing room … I love how my machine is set up for quilting. The back extension on the Koala cabinet plus the table on the left side of the machine support so much of the quilt which makes it much easier. I’m also still amazed at how much the texture from quilting transforms a top. I’ve just got about 1/4 of this left to quilt now and while my spirals are still wonky, I’m really liking the texture of them on this top and so happy I took the risk of doing them. 

4 thoughts on “Doing great!

  1. Rose

    Our little Yorkie had her teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and she also whined that evening even though she was not in pain. She ate and drank water as usual. I think the anesthesia affects some dogs, especially small dogs. Your little Finn is a very adorable puppy and I am sure is a sweet companion.

  2. Sara F

    Good to see Finn is doing well. I totally agree that the cone is better than a wound becoming worse.

    Your walking goals are inspiring! Good for you!

  3. ---"Love"

    Looks like you are making good progress on your quilt. Your quilting is looking really good. —“Love”

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